From Tomorrow: 1 Litre Bottle Of Baileys (All Varieties) £12 @ Tesco

From Tomorrow: 1 Litre Bottle Of Baileys (All Varieties) £12 @ Tesco

If you don't have a litre bottle of Baileys in your house on the 25th December, is it really Christmas at all? Whether you sip it whilst watching The Snowman or use it to make Truffles - we all buy a bottle. It's tradition!

Save around £8, and head to Tesco tomorrow (27th September). They will be selling 1 Litre Bottles of Bailey's for just £12.

There a few different kids of Baileys included in this £12 offer: Baileys Orange Truffle 1L, Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 1L, Baileys Coffee 1L and Baileys Chocolate Luxe 50Cl.

All equally delicious, I am sure.

The current price for a 1 Litre Bottle of Baileys at other supermarkets:

  • Morrisons £20
  • Ocado £20
  • Waitrose £20
  • Asda £17
  • Sainsburys £18

We are hoping that Tesco start a bit of a price war, but we are rather happy with paying £12 for that Christmas liqueur.

Not got time to nip in to your local Tesco for a bottle? Order it now and you can add it to your online grocery order here*.

Thanks to oscarcat


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  • Carrie D.

    Oh my god :heart_eyes:

    • Laura E.

      , get stocked up for Christmas!!! xx

      • Fiona B.

        ....defo going to get one...or two :wink:

        • Danielle P.

          That sounds amazing xx

          • Nicola R.

            another Xmas breakfast :joy:

            • Danielle M.

              Wow Christmas morning is looking to be interesting

              • Nicola R.

                Xmas morning is going to be sponsored by baileys

              • Nicola L.

                these would be lovely please xx

                • Victoria C.

                  Omg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                  • Kellie G.

                    Yum! XXXX

                    • Donna J.

                      Ill be there tomoz

                      • Laura-Ann M.

                        yes...yes and more yes!

                        • Megan T.

                          1 million times yes xxx

                          • Becky C.

                            They look amazing :smiley:

                            • Aimee G.

                              Looks unreal!

                              • Tina W.

                                Ooooh yummy

                                • Kate L.

                                  [email protected]!! I might grab some after work.

                                  • Becki E.

                                    Mmmmm :yum:

                                    • Alison S.

                                      Omg yes please xx

                                      • Donna P.

                                        I love my Baileys lol

                                        • Mhairi L.

                                          Oh yes!!

                                          • LadyGinny A.