Dine In Meal Deal For Two £10 @ Marks And Spencer

Dine In Meal Deal For Two £10 @ Marks And Spencer

It's that time again, when Marks and Spencer do their £10 Dine In Meal Deal offer. For just a tenner, you get a Main, a Side, Dessert and a Bottle of Wine (non-alcoholic alternatives available). This offer is on from Wednesday 21st to Tuesday 27th March 2018.


  • Gastropub beef bourguignon
  • Duck breasts with plum sauce
  • Gastropub goats' cheese lattice en croute (V)
  • Gastropub chicken and ham en croutes
  • Lasagne al forno
  • Roasted vegetable lasagne (V)
  • Mediterranean sea bass fillets
  • Southern fried chicken tenders
  • Balanced For You chicken katsu curry
  • Cook Menu chicken, cheese and leek gratin
  • Gastropub cottage pie
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Steak and caramelised red onion pies
  • Made Without Wheat creamy chicken flaky pastry pie
  • Slow-cooked duck legs
  • Macaroni cheese with leeks (V)


  • Ultimate potato mash (V)
  • Potato croquettes (V)
  • Peas and carrots (V)
  • Carrot and swede crush (V)
  • Chef's style vegetables (V)
  • Sweet and crunchy salad (V)
  • Stonebaked garlic breads (V)
  • Butternut, sweet potato and kohlrabi crinkle cut chips (V)
  • Chunky chips (V)
  • Potato rosti (V)
  • Rosemary potatoes (V)
  • Garlic mushrooms (V)
  • Minted new potatoes (V)
  • Quick roast courgette, butternut and pepper with red onion


  • Tarte au citron slices (V)
  • Millionaire's shortbread (V)
  • Made Without Wheat New York cheesecake (V) (GF)
  • Crème brulées (V)
  • Strawberry jelly trifle (V)
  • Melting middle chocolate puddings (V)
  • Fruity fiesta (V)
  • Lemon and ricotta cheesecake slices (V)
  • Dutch apple tarts (V)
  • Profiterole stack (V)
  • Cheese selection* (V)
  • A selection of ice cream

Drinks selections vary from store to store.


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