Aldi Super 6 Veg 19p Each!

Aldi Super 6 Veg 19p Each!

Christmas dinner can be a really expensive affair, so it's a massive help when stores cut the prices of basics that we all buy, like the veg to go with your turkey. I thought Tesco* had a really great offer with their 39p veg*, but Aldi have beaten off all the competition as they are offering our Christmas Dinner veg for just 19p each! And Asda* have just announced that from Monday they will be selling Brocolli, Sprouts, Parsnips and Carrots for 20p a pack as well!

From today, 18th December, you can buy 6 main vegetables for just 19p per pack at Aldi, and that includes things like your potatoes, parsnips and sprouts for the traditional Christmas roast.

Here's what you can buy at 19p each:

  • Maris piper potatoes 2kg
  • Parsnips 600g
  • Brussel sprouts 500g
  • Carrots 1kg
  • Broccoli 335g
  • Gem lettuce 2 pack

Asda* will be selling the following for 20p per pack from Monday 19th December:

  • Broccoli 360g
  • Sprouts 500g
  • Parsnips 500g
  • Carrots 1kg

This price war means that we should all save some money on the basics for our Christmas dinner, so it's all good for us customers.

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  • Michelle L.

    I'll pop up here this week for veg :thumbsup_tone1:xx

    • Laura E.

      have you seen the price of this broccoli :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

      • Eve S.

        get your Xmas veg bargain :joy:

        • Colline J.

          OMG that's toooooo cheap haha is that right

          • Eve S.

            Yeah we saw it today :joy:

            • Colline J.


              • Colline J.


                • Eve S.

                  Bargain. That's your veg sorted :joy:

                • Yvonne T.

                  thats a really good offer

                  • Alan F.

                    All well and good but this must affect suppliers? 19p is rodiculous. And encourages folk to buy way more than they need.

                    • Kirker M.

                      Seriously, how are farmers making any money from selling their produce to supermarkets? 19p for bag of carrots!!!

                      • Carl S.

                        It's called a loss leader.

                        They sell below cost in the hopes you buy other stuff.

                        • Kirker M.

                          I have worked in retail and I'm now a diary farmer, so I do understand your point, but it seriously undervalues produce if this is the case. Loss leader on items like this would be mere pennies, still making me imagine farmers would be getting little more above the 19p

                        • Caroline R.

                          I'm stockpiling sprouts...

                          • Debss J.

                            I got some from Asda but all dates are 24/12 which I don't mind but the sprouts best not be stinking or I'll be back for a refund :joy:

                            • Allison C.

                              Find asda and the Aldi not very good quality bought once went mouldy following day.