Get The Aldi Alcoholic Ice Popsicles For Just £1.99 A Box This Weekend!

Get Aldi Alcoholic Ice Popsicles For Just £1.99 A Box
Get The Aldi Alcoholic Ice Popsicles For Just £1.99 A Box This Weekend!

Have you tried the amazing Alcoholic Ice Popsicles at Aldi yet? Well this weekend is the time to check them out as they are on offer!

Gianni’s Alcoholic Ice Popsicles* are available in thwo classic cocktail flavours; refreshing Gin & Tonic and delicious Peach and Prosecco Bellini, and are normally priced at £2.99 for a pack of four!

However in celebration of the Royal Wedding this Saturday Aldi have slashed the prices making them just £1.99 a box!

They were a sell out last summer, and they'll be fantastic for those Royal Wedding BBQ's and parties!

In case you were wondering these are not just flavoured like cocktails, they actually have alcohol in them too, so you'll need to keep them away from the kids ice lollies!

I think I'll be trying the Prosecco and Peach Bellini first! See you later, I'm off to Aldi!


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  • Fiona H.

    we'll need to try these :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Sharon S.

      Remember I’m aff it :rolling_eyes::joy:xx

      • Kimberley A.

        I’m on it will get them ladies :kissing_heart:

        • Fiona H.

          aye ok, you can't fool us besto :kissing_heart::joy::joy: xx

          • Fiona H.

            if I see them I'll pick up some too :thumbsup_tone1::kissing_heart: xx

          • Claire B.

            - think we should get these for after Christmas dinner xx

            • Pauline A.

              O my god yesssss

            • Ellis B.

              These r amazing hav tried them x

              • Emma M.

                Av had them except the cosmopolitan have to get some make slush lol

                • Stuart P.

                  Looks like I'm going shopping then xx

                  • Emma M.

                    Yes, will save me buying bottles when hung over :joy::joy::joy:

                    • Becky L.

                      I still havent tried these yet

                      • Ann B.

                        We shall have to get some

                        • Tina R.

                          I’d rather have the drink!

                          • Natasha S.

                            Where’s the prosecco ones?

                            • Rachel D.

                              Omg!! Yes. Aldi do some good things. Bet they are lovely. :kissing_heart::grin: xx

                              • Lisa A.

                                I'll get some of them xx

                                • Rachel A.

                                  Got these. They are amazing x

                                  • Jenni T.

                                    Still waitin for the koppenberg ones lol xx

                                    • Siân W.

                                      , incase you are running low!

                                      • Louise K.

                                        Seemingly Scottish stores don’t sell them!

                                        • Laura H.

                                          we started the trend first... prosecco ice :joy::joy: x x

                                          • Carmen C.

                                            Can't believe they have copied us! :rage::joy:cx

                                            • Laura H.

                                              I know. Not happy!!! X x

                                              • Carmen C.

                                                Raging! :joy:cx

                                              • Louise H.

                                                Will be getting these and ! :tada:

                                                • Dominique H.

                                         need to find these!! :yum:

                                                  • Shona D.

                                                    Thanks! Need 2 get some of these :heart_eyes: xx