Robot / Dinosaur / Fairy Storage Box Sets £10 @ Wilko

Robot / Dinosaur / Fairy Storage Box Sets £10 @ Wilko

If you're having a tidy up to make way for toys Santa may bring, these fab storage box sets from Wilko are a bargain, and they look great too! They come as sets of three storage boxes that stack to make a Robot, a Dinosaur or a Fairy, and they are just £10 each.

Each set is made of three boxes with a lid, made of strong printed fabric, and when they stack up in the right order they make great fun characters that will look really cute in the kids' rooms. I'm hoping it will encourage them to tidy up too, though that could be wishful thinking!

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £4, and these may also be available in store.


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  • Laura B.

    I just said to sam I need to sort all his playdoh goodies and pens and pencils to keep them together xx

    • Katie S.

      Archie might like them and want to put his toys in them :joy:

      • Victoria K.

        I have these and they are fab. Bigger than I expected and can fit plenty in. Would recommend.

        • Sonya T.

          Are they 3 boxes or 3 draws?? .x.

          • Victoria K.

            3 boxes that stack :blush:

            • Katie P.

              What material are these please do they collapse easy ? X

            • Colly D.

              Lol they actually look quite good, the dinosaur... raaaar!! Xxx

              • Samantha H.

                Good idea :bulb: I’m away to have a look

                • Linda P.

                  The dino is well cool but wouldn’t match his new room. Xx

                  • Fiona W.

                    Will need plenty a storage 2 weeks time lol