Livarno Living Storage Bench In Stores Now @ Lidl

Livarno Living Storage Bench @ Lidl

This Livarno Living Storage Bench is a saviour in my household! I stuff loads of my daughters toys away in it and then it is used as an extra seat in my lounge! I get so many compliments on it and no one can believe it is from Lidl!

If you could do with one of these handy storage benches then head down to your nearest Lidl where you will find them instore now for just £29.99!

This Storage Bench is nice and sturdy, it has a spring hinged lid and it's a fair size at 88cm x 43 cm x 38cm, so it should hold a lot of toys. There's also non-slip pads on the bottom to protect your floor.

This handy storage bench arrived in stores Sunday 13th August and once they are sold out they don't replace stock so make sure you do your research before making a trip to store as you don't want to be disappointed. Maybe give your local store a quick phone call before you travel if you are making a special journey.

If you want to pretty it up you can do what I have done which is put a throw over it with a couple of cushions.

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  • Danielle B.

    Thank-you :-)

    Sat pricing up wood last night :see_no_evil: so impatient haha! Xx

  • Maureen R.

    Don't know but could fit it somewhere how much x

  • Martin C.

    Be better than that other thing. Least there hidden then xxxx

  • Martin C.

    I think it's other way round haha xxxx

  • Taryn T.

    Ohh that would be great! We don't have a Lidl :disappointed:

  • Emma C.

    I bought this last time round sits at the foot of the bed with towels and blankets in, fabulous quality :relaxed:

  • Claire A.

    I liked it for boys room for their books xxx

  • Louise M.

    Aw i got somthing similar from ikea yesterday but thsnks xx

  • Sarah S.

    Cud do for hall for shoes or in jessicas room for her toys? Xxxxx

  • Andrea K.

    Omg this is what I'm looking for under the stairs for shoes too haha. X

  • Sarah S.

    Oh thats wud be ideal for under there hun xx

  • Melissa W.

    Can't remember how big the hall is lol

  • Stuart E.

    Bedroom storage for toys or ps4 games x

  • Sarah H.

    I wonder how big they are,maybe a couple and try to waterproof themxx

  • Katie H.

    Oh let us know if they have any?? Xx

  • Katie H.

    Did you get your clothes horse from Aldi too?? Xx

  • Katie H.

    Ah that must be what I was thinking of! Xx

  • Jack G.

    I saw this and I thought I looked ok

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