Bedside Hanging Felt Storage Bag £3 @ Shein

This will stop me from losing my phone in bed!
Bedside Hanging Felt Storage Bag £3 @ Shein

Sometimes it's the simplest of ideas that solve the most irritating of problems. This Bedside Hanging Felt Storage Bag is going to save me the hassle of constantly searching for my remote control and phone in bed. It's just £3 from Shein, and to be honest for the stress it'll save me, I'd pay double!

Bedside Storage Bag

Not everyone has the space for bedside tables, so this Bedside Hanging Felt Storage Bag is just the ticket for holding those bedtime books or the bits and bobs that you want near you in bed.

They keep things off the floor and make sure your room stays neat and organised. I'm going to grab a couple for my sons as they have bunk beds, so these will prove very handy for them.

How does it fit on? It just hooks on to the side of the bed, so you can take it off with ease should you need to. You can also use it on the sofa should you wish.

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Delivery is £2 or you can get free shipping by spending £35+.


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