New In: Kids Easy Dressing School Uniform Autism Friendly @ Marks & Spencer

3 August 2016
Easy Dressing School Uniform Autism Friendly

Well done Marks and Spencer, they certainly listen to their customers needs and cater to them. They have just released a new range of school uniform that has been designed with the help of the National Autistic Society.

The Easy Dressing School Uniform Range is designed to help children get dressed easily either by themselves or with help.

There are eight designs included in this range. It is fantastic to see a range of clothing that is autism friendly. Many of the items have elasticated waists, velcro rather than buttons and clasps and are made from easy to wash fabrics.

They start at age 2-3 years and go up to age 15-16 years. That in itself is another rarity, you won't normally find specialist children's clothing that goes up to 16 years. Hats off to M&S they really have thought about this range.

Another great feature is the fact that this uniform looks exactly the same as the traditional school uniform. There is nothing to suggest that it is any different.

This range is available from the 1st August online, prices are very reasonable too, they start at £5 and go up to £16.

Keep up do date with all the cheapest school uniform prices by bookmarking this link.

You can Click and Collect your order for FREE or have it delivered to your front door from £3.99.

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  • Claire K.

    , this is what I was talking about today x

  • Stephanie A.

    Not sure if this is any good for Henry ? I know you posted about uniform difficulties a while ago xx

    • Gemma O.

      Thank you hun, clothing he is okay with, it's just buttons and zips he struggles with, but had a look and none it fits the uniform he needs. But nice to see a shop listening to its customers and not being over priced either x

  • Kim N.

    is this any good for you? Xx

  • Amy B.

    not sure if this would be useful for Bobby? xx

  • Lauren K.

    not sure if this is any good for you

    • Suzanne L.

      Fab idea for little ones!! After years of practice Aaron is now an expert at dressing himself :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Laura M.

    I seen these

  • Dionie D.

    not sure if these will be any good for kai? Xxxx

    • Kayla R.

      Thanks babe I'll have a look xxxx

    • Dionie D.

      There isn't a great deal I had a look after I had tagged u. Its a good idea tho xxxx

  • Kim G.

    Typical. I have bought all the school uniform. I think I will hunt out the receipts and see if I can exchange them x

  • Sam M.

    What a good idea, about time. I struggled for years with this

  • Lisa L.

    I've seen this and am on the email to see it when it's ready. I've bought most of alfie's stuff but intrigued to see what the differences are. Thanks hun xx

  • Lorna S.

    have you heard about this x

  • Joanne K.

    Have u heard about these?

  • Jessica S.

    I think it's out now, if you click on the link it takes you to the site but couldn't see much?

  • Danielle W.

    Brilliant isn't it :grinning:

  • Emma S.

    Thanks ive already bought this exact range from M&S so thanks for thinking bout us :blush: xx

  • Francesca G.

    don't know of this is of any help for Dylan? X

    • Lisa M.

      Thank you, looks good x

  • Catherine B.

    Saw this earlier :) thanks for the tag x

  • Siobhan H.

    Thanks... Nightmare trying to get him uniform that fits

  • Debbie S.

    No probs :grin: x

  • Carly W.

    Not exactly autism friendly and m&s have not advertised them as either

  • Amanda D.

    Aw thanks misses I must on and look xx

  • Danielle D.

    I've seen! We're taking a trip nearer school time :heart_eyes:

  • Kaye C.

    Thank you x x

  • Kay V.

    Thanks for the shout xx

  • Sharon T.

    Thanks Debbie! Having a hard time getting Connor to try and dress himself, these uniforms will hopefully make it easier :blush:

  • Beccy W.

    not sure if this is allowed or any use x

  • Donna M.

    That's fab xxx

  • Christie C.

    should see them for J

    • Karen M.

      Yeah x

  • Kimberley S.

    Cheers flower x

  • Jenny R.

    Why are they just doing it for Autism what about other Disability's ?

  • Leigh S.

    Thanks hun xx

  • Rachel G.

    Ooh thanks jo ive been waiting 4 this lol x

  • Linda A.

    Thank you lovely, I will take a look into it xxx

  • Lou G.

    I saw you wrote something about this the other day. Hope I'm not interfering xxx

  • Linz K.

    Thanks will look for James x

  • Stephanie S.

    not sure if this is any use to you? X

    • Stefanie S.

      Looks like it's just a normal uniform :weary: no special adaptions on the link :rage: xx

    • Stefanie S.

      Instead of normal buttons, like an elastic thing so could dress himself. Basic stuff tbh xxx

    • Stephanie S.

      Ah right cool. I wasn't sure if it was to do with colours/textures xxx

  • Emma M.

    and unsure if any good? Xxx

    • Abby F.

      Thanks babe!! And they do size 2-3 too ... YAY! Haha x

    • Ellie M.

      Thank you!! I saw this a few weeks ago but the range hadn't been launched. Xx

    • Emma M.

      hope you didn't mind me tagging you just didn't know if it was something you'd need xxx

    • Abby F.

      Yes fab thank you, you star :star:

  • Liz M.

    , not sure if this is of any use to you x

    • Kayla M.

      Certainly worth a look, thanks Liz, we are going through a wanting to be naked all the time phase, hope he grows out of it before September lol x

    • Liz M.

      Ha ha Meg was like that, I still am :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Kayla M.

      Not in public I hope :joy:

  • Alison P.

    I can't see any difference between these items and the 'normal' uniform?

  • Amanda H.

    not sure if you gave seen this xx

    • Lynn S.

      Yes. Looks like a great idea. What I need is industrial strength knees. And shoes that done wear down.

    • Amanda H.

      Me too lol

  • Kimmi E.

    Its a great idea but i cant see any difference?

  • Melanie A.

    not sure if any good for Mason xx

    • Abi R.

      Thank you! Will have a look xx

  • Lisa B.

    Thanks , you're awful good to think of us when u see wee things like this:relaxed:X

  • Sinead W.

    Your more than welcome! Love hearing about little Harry B and his progress. x

  • Lisa B.

    Aw thanks Mrs, hope the two gorgeous girlies are doing well- bet Alice loves having a wee sister X

  • Immy F.

    No trousers in the range x

  • Sinead W.

    They are just fab! Alice is a great help! She adores her. Only difficulty is trying to make her realise she's not a mummy and is only 3 lol!! x

  • Lisa B.

    aw God love her! Great wee buddies for each other X

  • Jemma-Jane C.

    Aww thanks Jodie handy to no coz I'm struggling big time with trying his new uniform on him xx

  • Kat R.

    Thanks Tina

  • Stephanie T.

    not sure if this is of any use to you x

    • Lucy H.

      Thanks Hun I saw this the other day. Thanks for thinking if me thou X

  • Sinead W.

    She would smother her with hugs and kisses! They will be fab company for each other. Hope your all well x

  • Kirsti S.

    Thanks that's great xx

  • Lisa B.

    All good thank god! These summer holidays flying in rightly lol- think we will all be glad to see September and a bit of normality again:joy:X

  • Tash H.

    Ah didn't read it :rolling_eyes:....that useless then!!! X

  • Mary-Ann J.

    not sure if any good to you

    • Helena S.

      funnily enough im just browsinv through haha but thank you :D xxx

  • Sinead W.

    Totally!! Even to get Olivia and her naps etc sorted! We're never housed these days. Looking forward even to getting back walking etc! I thrive on routine and it's been out the window from Olivia arrived and summer holidays began.

  • Immy F.

    I had a look there's tshirts jumpers socks shorts and I think joggers x

  • Lisa B.

    Me tooooooo- routine all the way in the Bennett house! Lol :relaxed:

  • Jacqui H.

    just used this link to register for updates for the launch... i can't see anything on there any different yet

    • Doubtfulmum

      if you click on the link and look for the items with "easy dress" in the title you can then click on the description and it tells you. Is basically a shirt with Velcro under the buttons and pull up trousers both with label moved to pocket so it doesn't irritate. I too registered  to be updated but have heard nothing, but thanks to this link I have ordered the easy dress stuff to try. 

  • Toni S.

    Oh fab!

  • Vicky C.

    Thankyou. Ill have a look now xx

  • Jodie O.

    It's good start. However I've repeatedly asked for seamless underwear smaller than 6yrs and they haven't managed that yet. Autism doesn't only affect older children or during school hours. Take it all the way M&S!

  • Steph M.

    .. if m and s get it... why don't schools! Lol x

  • Beth R.

    Sorry but i have seen MUCH better in the past. There is nothing special about their uniforms other than their shirts have a velcro- like strip at the very top. I have worked with children not only on the spectrum but with other additional needs! One tip that i have seen time and time again.... remove fastenings, add velcro. If ties are required, tie it as you normally would then remove the loop at the back (part that would touch back of childs neck) and sew elastic on to create a pull on tie that can be used easily! Lots of places sell seam-free socks and underwear for children with such sensory issues.

    Dont want to take away any praise from M&S because its a big first step, however i think its got a very long way to go!

  • Sarah M.

    don't know if Connor still has an issue with socks? But the reviews on these school socks are canny.:ok_hand_tone1:

    • Ashleigh S.

      Aw thanks Sarah I'll have a look, some socks he does xx

  • Janine B.

    Thanks Hun

  • Sandie I.

    Thanks lovely! xx

  • Kelly H.

    this is what I was on about x

  • Terri-Ann M.

    I seen this! Great idea! Xxx

  • AnneMarie D.

    they might have those elasticated waist trousers we were talking about?

  • Claire L.

    Thanks x

  • Alicia C.

    Oh fab it's a good idea x

  • Mish L.

    I see your points but I was just showing my friend because her little boy is reception age and I thought it would be nice that he could still have uniform that looks like normal stuff but is a little less stressy to get on especially as my friend has other kids to get ready in the mornings. I think it's great that a high street store has thought of this

  • Beth R.

    So do i, and its fantastic that a high street store are taking the first steps, i just wanted people to know that there are other options too and adaptations that can be made if people have already bought uniforms etc. Love you x

  • Jodie H.

    may be useful for , there the easy dress items xx

    • Suzanne H.

      There's no difference in the normal uniform x

    • Suzanne H.

      there's still buttons on them

  • Lorna C.

    havent read it but u cld b interested x

  • Toni J.

    not sure of this might be useful to you. Not sure how your boys are with dressing. Xxx

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