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27 November 2010

travelCot If 'have baby - will travel!' is your mantra, rather than 'have baby - will become a hermit and never stay away from home overnight until they are at least 18!', then you'll need a Travel Cot!

Travel cots are are a most genius invention and one of the things I'd put on my 'must have' baby items list, if I were ever asked to write one!

They can be a little bit pricey and it's easy to get sucked into the little extra bits and pieces that manufacturers will have you believe are essential.

You don't NEED the hanging toys, the bit that plays 10 of the most popular nursery rhymes or flashing lights; honestly, you don't!

Kiddicare have three travel cots currently on offer:

All of them fold down and pack away into their own carry bags, the sides are mesh so you can see through to the inside and your baby can see through to the outside.

They all have a foam base, but if you want something a little MORE on the bottom, then you can buy a mattress to go with your chosen travel cot.

At this price, I'd be tempted to buy two and keep one at home (you can use them as playpens too by the way) and keep one at the grandparents' house...ready for those impromptu baby sitting offers *wink*

Before I go - if you don't buy two then you're going to j u s t be under the limit for free postage - so add a set of socks (or something similar that you'll use) to your order to j u s t take it over, otherwise you'll be paying £4.95 when you don't have to.

Thanks to arsenal79place at HUKD

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