Half Price Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £14.99 @ Amazon

23 August 2015

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I have been keeping an eye on the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer for a while now, as my daughter has started to wake early and decides to just call for us at the top of her voice around 5am! I was hoping this would be the answer to our prayers, now it is half price at Amazon I will definitely be giving it a go. It normally retails for around £29.99 and is currently selling for £14.99.

The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is designed to help children to get into a healthy sleep routine. It has great reviews that seem to back up the claim that it can help toddlers to stay in bed until the time the parents desire. Included in with the clock is a Sleepy Farm book, which is to be read before bed as it explains that the child is to look at the clock if they are wondering if it is time to get up yet. If the child wakes in the night, they can glance at the clock to know what to do. If there are stars showing, they should lie down and relax as it's not time to get up yet. As the stars count down, they know it is almost time, and then the sun arrives on the screen to signal that it is time to get up.

There are easy to adjust timings and an optional audible alarm for when your child gets older. You can also adjust the brightness and can adjust the wake up times for if your child is going to bed for the night or just having a daytime nap.

Delivery is FREE if you spend over £20 or are an Amazon Prime member, otherwise delivery starts from £3.30.

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