Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Back In Stock

Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Back In Stock

Last Autumn there was a phenomenal response when the Lulla Doll Sleep Companion was launched, which led to it selling out in the UK in a matter of days. Now this ingenious doll is back in stock in the UK, and you can get them at Kiddicare and John Lewis, with stocks expected at Mothercare soon. They're priced at £49.95 at Kiddicare, or £49.99 at John Lewis, and both qualify for free home delivery.

The idea of the Lulla Doll is that it's a unique and innovative comforter that has been designed to help babies and toddlers sleep longer and feel reassured when alone.

This doll uses real-life sounds of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest, and was created with the aim of being the next best thing to a human touch, providing little ones with comfort and a feeling of closeness when parents need to be away.

Lulla's aim is to help babies stabilise their own breathing and heartbeat, resulting in longer and better quality sleep, and it has even been designed to absorb the parents scent to give babies an extra sense of security.

Parents scrambled to get their hands on one of these dolls when they were released, as the reviews were so amazing, and getting your baby to sleep soundly is a dream for many parents. It may be expensive at £49.99, but if it helps baby (and you!) get a good night's sleep then it could well be the best £50 you spend!

Do any of you have a Lulla Doll, or have you been desperate to get hold of one? Let us know what you think of it.


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  • Emma D.

    Omg I need one I think something like this may actually work!! Lol x

    • Hazel R.

      Oh my aunt from Australia was telling me about this!

      • Danielle S.

        I literally don't think anything will help Minnie Hahha! If it works I'll pay £50 hahaha x

        • Vicky S.

          :joy::joy::joy::joy: worth looking at reviews! Could be best £50 ever spent if any good lol! Xx

          • Hannah M.

            Has anyone bought one and does it actually work lol? X

            • Nicole T.

              I bought one

              • Hannah M.

                Does it work? X

              • Sam H.

                Think mines allergic to sleeping :joy:

                • Katrina M.

                  Same as flynn.. wondering if I'm desperate enough pay £50 for a doll to make him sleep

                  • Yasemin B.

                    sounds amazing!! id be so annoyed if i spent £50 on something that didnt work tho lol!!

                    • Annmarie A.

                      Yeah if they work would be brilliant xxx

                      • Jessica B.

                        God if that worked that would be amazing!!

                        • Laura C.

                          Never had this one, but I had a slumber bear. Same idea. Plays womb noises and heartbeat sounds etc. Also came with a tiny blanket that the mum is supposed to wear under her top all day then put with bear at night. Worked absolute wonders.

                          • Kirstie N.

                            think it's like the dream sheep I had. Great when used from birth. He's getting better I've taken everything away except his dummy now. Xx

                            • Jaclyn S.

                              £50:scream: I'm sure she will learn to sleep soon haha I hope !

                              • Nicole T.

                                It didn't help my daughter sleep through (22 months and still wakes at least once). However she loves it and we play it every night regardless as she finds it comforting. I was willing to try anything and splurged on this after trying everything.

                                • Zoe T.

                                  I've read about these dolls before they look good. Xxxx

                                  • Nicola R.

                                    Yes super cute too. Bit pricey but a great idea xx

                                    • Soph R.

                                      Buy it buy it buy it!!!!!