Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £15.99

Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £15.99

If your kids love to get up at the crack of dawn this could just be the answer to your problems. The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is a favourite with many parents, and the price has just dropped to less than half the RRP. It's down to just £15.99 (rrp £34.99) at Boots, and both Amazon and John Lewis have matched the price so you can bag it for this bargain price at a choice of stores!

The clock works by showing children when it is time to sleep and time to get out of bed with easy sun and star faces. You set the night time routine with a snoozy blue star picture, and set the time you want your child to get up as a bright smiley sun.

It comes with a story book to help explain how the clock works, plus full instructions on how to get the most out of your sleep trainer.

Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £15.99

Although this isn't going to make small ones stay in bed if they are determined to spring up at 5am, it does give them an easy way to see when it's bedtime and waking up time, which can be tricky for them with the change in seasons, when the clocks change and before they are able to read a clock.

Reviews are great, and as this is less than half price it might just be worth a go if you are getting woken up at daft-o'clock everyday. After all, what price would you put on a decent night's sleep! Worth a try?

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Reply to
  • Lindsey J.

    Didn’t work for us :frowning2:

    • Amy O.

      it worked a treat for my 3 year old from day one and still does now. she was getting up at 4am not knowing the time. now she waits for the sun. worth every pemny for some sleep:grinning:

      • Dawn W.

        Best thing I've ever bought!

        • Lucy C.

          Thank you Hun will get that ordered for the girls xxxx

          • Kara K.

            My daughter pays no notice to it :rolling_eyes:

            • Katie H.

              Load of rubbish! They get up to tell you it’s not time yet! Still stars left, the sun hasn’t come up!

              • Laura S.

                Ooh thanks will get it ready for his big boy roomx

                • Sharon P.

                  Worked for us. My daughter had it age 2, she’s now 8 and still loves her sunshine clock.

                  • Gemma G.

                    Best thing we ever bought.

                    • Paul H.

                      maybe i started mine too young with it, but even now, Emily just shrugs it off!

                      • Marie B.

                        Until they figure out how to change it themselves

                        • Natalie R.

                          Didn't work for me :pensive: she would get up just to tell me how many stars were left

                          • Nichola J.

                            Worked for my daughter aged 2. She knew the story that goes with it off by heart which really helped her understand why you need sleep

                            • Colleen W.

                              My son used to shout in every hour, its not morning yet! :weary:

                              • Vicky C.

                                Its worked for my boys for years:thumbsup_tone1:

                                • Kate R.

                                  Best thing I ever purchased when my daughter was younger. Saved my sanity when I was on the edge

                                  • Vicky H.

                                    Best thing ever! Only was I get a lie in of a weekend. My daughter is 6 now and will stay in bed till sun comes up. Vx

                                    • Katy M.

                                      My 3 year old says the clock is ‘too slow’ and so gets up before the alarm/sun comes up :confused:

                                      • Emma L.

                                        Got one for my LG as she likes getting up early...she couldn’t care less about the clock :see_no_evil: didn’t work for us.

                                        • Caitlin Y.

                                          May be worth a try now it's only £16!