Gro Blackout Blind £18.99 @ Mothercare

Gro Blackout Blind £18.99 @ Mothercare

We've featured, and reviewed, this Gro Blackout blind before and it remains one of our favourite baby 'things' - Mothercare are currently selling them for £18.99, rather than their usual £29.99.

Click HERE to take a look at the Gro Blackout Blind

There are few things worse than trying to sleep when it's broad daylight outside, other than having a baby who won't/can't go to sleep because it's light outside and wakes up with the birds during the light summer months.

Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing and, with the nights drawing out, it won't be long before it's light at stupid o'clock, which is okay at home if you have blackout blinds or curtains, but what happens when you go away?

I resorted to all sorts when my teenagers were younger - there was nothing like this Gro Blackout blind then - towels shut in windows, black bin liners taped to window frames (very effective but VERY ugly!), you won't have to do that if you have a Gro Blackout blind - they are adjustable and fit to almost any window shape.

The Gro Blackout blind measures an impressive 200cms x 135cms  but will fit small windows too cleverly using, as one reviewer put it, ‘those elasticated waistband thingys you sometimes get on kids trousers’ to shrink it to fit.

You can collect your Gro Blackout Blind for free in-store, or pay £4.95 for standard home delivery.

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