Graco Contour Travel Cot Review

12 March 2011

Graco Travel Cot

When we were planning our nursery, we realised that the 'box' room was actually too small for the beautiful sleigh cot I had my eye on  and, in fact, the only cot that would fit was a travel cot. As it turned out we never used the nursery, but the cot did spend some time in our room, so its 104 x 73 x 91 cm dimensions really counted in its favour.

The Graco Countour travel cot comes with a bassinet which is suitable from birth until baby can push up on hands and knees. It is really useful to have the bassinet as it definitely saves on your back when you're bending down to pick up your infant.

The mesh sides are great for visibility, so you can actually see the baby through the sides when you're tip-toeing past at nap time. The problem we found with the net, however, was when my daughter turned around seven months old, she would hold the bars, shuffle her feet up the mesh and hang like a bat, which really worried me, so we moved her to a bed instead. This could just be specific to my child though.

The detachable control box is in charge of the light, the music and the vibrations. Apparently some babies love the vibration and it soothes them to sleep, but Kyra didn't. The music is a bit tinny, but acceptable, and the 'white noises' – like running water – worked well to drown out background noise. The light broke one day when I accidentally put it in the wrong way round, and seems quite tough to replace, but it's not a very bright light, so it wasn't really missed.

There's also a detachable toy bar with three hanging toys in beige-ey tones, not very bright or colourful, but apparently that's better for newborns so they're not overstimulated – or something like that.

The travel cot has 7 feet for stability, two of which are actually wheels, so that it can be moved easily, even when it's in the travel bag.

All in, it's a good cot, I'm glad we bought it and used it.

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