How Do You Get Baby To Sleep?

30 March 2015

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As brilliant as my babies were at sleeping, no-one gets a baby that sleeps through the night straight from birth. We all use our own techniques to settle our precious bundles into the Land of Slumber, but we have came across a less conventional method. A Father who pops his baby into a remote controlled Truck! Yes, I am telling you the truth. It's not something we would recommend you do for obvious safety reasons, but it still made us gush lovingly.

I used a variety of methods when my three sons were newborns:

White Noise: You can get FREE apps, toys like Ewan the Dream Sheep*, or even CD's*. We used this when all else failed and boy did it work a treat. We didn't rate Ewan the Dream Sheep though.

Cuddling and Swaddling: When your baby is crying it is your natural reaction to nurture them and rightly so. The thing is when you need your sleep too, as nice as it is, you cannot cuddle them all night. Swaddling* can make a baby feel secure enough to nod off.

Breastfeeding/Bottle Feeding: Maybe baby is hungry? Pop them on the breast or feed them their bottle. Just remember to wind them properly.

Rocking: A rocking motion can be like Kryptonite to babies. I had a rocking crib* and I can tell you that it did do the trick.

Lullabies: Babies love to hear mummy or daddy's voice, although mine never enjoyed my singing.

The list goes on.... what's your tips for getting baby to sleep?

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