Star Wars Canvas Shoes £6.49 @ Argos

Star Wars Canvas Shoes £6.49 @ Argos

I absolutely LOVE these Star Wars Canvas Shoes from Argos. To be honest they look like something you would get out of the Next Catalogue, not the Argos one. They are reduced from £12.99 to just £6.49. Bargain!

The Star Wars Canvas Shoes come in sizes 8 through to 12. They are nice and bright with their Star Wars design all over the front.

If you are looking for shoes for the Spring/Summer then these are ideal and so cheap. They seem to be selling fast, so you might want to check them out sooner rather than later.

Star Wars not your thing? These Spider-man Trainers* are reduced to just £8.66.

Who knew Argos was so good for shoes?

You can Reserve and Collect the Star Wars Canvas Shoes for FREE from an Argos store near you or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your front door.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey


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  • Diane D.

    Noah would love these xxx

    • Charlotte W.

      Just reserved them :grinning:

    • Suzanne B.

      any good for the boys?

      • Caitlin C.

        star wars everything! Lol :joy: xxx

        • Jayne R.

          Love love love these em xxx

          • Holly M.

            smart x

            • Claire-Louise O.

              To small for ke :-(

            • Kimberley H.

              and , Tom needs a pair of these!

              • Neil B.

                He wouldn't wear them because there's no Vader or Stormtroopers. I'm sure he thinks Vader is the good guy. Haha.

                • Kimberley H.


                  • Neil B.

                    I'm telling ya the truth.

                  • Michaela C.

                    these are right up dexters street.

                  • Sarah M.

           h would like these

                    • Claire B.

                      Just ordered some :blush::blush::blush:

                      • Carly S.

                        Waa thanks!

                        • Lisa G.

                          x saw these and thought of your little Star Wars dudes x

                          • Laura R.

                            Wow good price too

                            • Sarah L.

                              be good for the boys for summer x

                              • Jennifer M.

                                I love them!!!!

                                • Kelly U.

                                  I just reserved them xx

                                  • Gemma G.

                                    £6.49! Wow xxx

                                  • Charlotte S.

                                    isaac for holiday lol xx

                                    • Gemma G.

                                      Ooh like these :blush:

                                    • Joanne J.

                                      But in my size :wink: x

                                      • Autumn R.

                                        Haha they are pretty cool! X

                                        • Louise R.

                                          Need !

                                          • Melanie R.

                                            Thanks but they only go up to size 12, so too small

                                            • Amanda C.

                                              Well that's no good is it .