Kids Sale Now On @ Irregular Choice

Kids Sale Now On @ Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice make amazing and unique shoes, and their kids' range is like nothing else! It's a little on the pricey side when it's full price, but now there's a sale on so there are some great savings right now.

Here's some of our favourites:

Standard delivery costs £3 per order.


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  • Joanne B.

    I know. Can't wait to get Belle her first pair but her feet need to grow first x

    • Jill B.

      - why don't I have a girl?! :persevere:

      • Frances F.

        Because you'd be bankrupt!

        • Zophia F.

          Haha yeah you would go crazy with the shoes!!!!

        • Rachelle P.

          I was on this on opening day but refuse to pay £40-50 for shoes she will be in for a couple of months.

          • Lucy H.

            Oh damn I need some for tal!!

            • Heidi A.

              You totally do need to get her some, they're unreal! The second Ripley fits in them I'm getting her some! Xx

              • Vikki T.

                I saw them in the shop in town they had unicorn ones:weary:

                • Bethan J.

                  Wow!! These are fabulous!

                  • Ahsa-marie B.

                    I've promised her a pair for her 5th birthday !!!! :joy::heart::heart: she's already asking for them x

                    • Joanne P.

                      Ooh thank you. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

                      • Caroline O.

                        Wow I know a little lady that would love these

                      • Shauna M.

                        I got my daughter a pair of the unicorn shoes and a pair of the kitty sandals when they first came out. I have to say I have been very disappointed with the quality. They are on the same price bracket as her lelli Kelly's but have lasted nowhere near as long. I won't be buying the kids ones again. Do love the adult ones though.

                        • Jessica R.

                          We would love our kids to have everything and anything but not always possible even if we wanted to! We can but try though x

                          • Shardae C.

                            Aw love irregular choice shoes. X

                            • Kirstine C.

                              Seen these months ago but they only do girls! The outrage!! X

                              • Chântel S.

                                Unfortunately they're still way more than I'd pay for a pair of kids shoes that are going to end up caked in mud :( xx

                                • Lisa S.

                                  Can't see her size :scream: may have to take a trip to shop and see if I can get some they are lovely xx

                                  • Nicola J.

                                    I'm not a fan myself but they are different in a nice way xx

                                    • Krystle S.

                                      I guess they are an acquired taste xx

                                      • Karen M.

                                        I didn't know they did kids!!

                                        • Kimberley H.

                                          I so want some but David said no lol x