Kickers Klio Loafer From £29.25 @ Amazon

They are back!
Kickers Klio Loafer From £29.25 @ Amazon

Want to know what the school shoe of 2021 is? It was the most coveted ones back in the 90's - that's right the Kickers Klio Loafer. The chunky heeled loafers are selling like mad and we know why. All the cool kids wore them... Grab a pair from £29.25 at Amazon.

Kickers Klio Loafers

The Kickers Klio Loafer are super distinctive and whilst there are lookalikes out there, they just don't cut the mustard.

These are really sought after at the moment, so if you want a pair I'd not hang about. The best price around is Amazon from £29.25. Prices vary depending on what size you select.

They are everything you want in a school shoe... comfortable, hard-wearing and super, duper trendy. They've got those red and green tabs on the side, so admirers can see clearly that these are the real deal.

Delivery is free of charge for both Prime members and non-members.


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