Joules Factory Seconds Wellies £6.95 Delivered @ Joules eBay Outlet

27 August 2016
Joules Wellies £6.95 Delivered

Looking for some wellies for the kids? These Joules ones have massive price reductions as they are now just £6.95 a pair with FREE delivery!

There's a few different styles available from the Joules eBay Outlet at this price and they are Factory Seconds. That means that they will be waterproof and for for purpose but they will have some visual defects like marks, slight print or colour defects.

Seeing as these are as much as £24.95 full price and my kids will scuff them the first time they wear them I'm thinking that £6.95 delivered is still a massive bargain even for factory seconds!

Here's the ones that are priced at £6.95 with free delivery:

There's also a pair of Infant Digger Wellie Boots* for just £5.95 though sizes are limited on that one.

If you don't want factory seconds then there are also brand new kids wellies from just £9.95 at the Joules eBay Outlet* too, and there's free delivery on all items.

Thanks to charlottebennett85

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  • Dawn B.

    Ahhh I need diggers in a 10 as bought matching coat :persevere::persevere:

  • Debbie P.

    Cute :grinning:

  • Chloe P.

    They are sweet

  • Amber H.

    these are cute for the boys xxx

    • Ffion B.

      YES!!!!!! we need these!!! Xx

  • Claire D.

    Fab thanks will have a look as twins need new wellies

  • Hayley H.

    ...check out the digger wellies! x

  • Clare P.

    I have ordered these

  • Kerrie K.

    Went in the joules shop today nothing in there! :sob::sob:

  • Nina B.

    Thanks , will take a look :eyes::relaxed:

  • Gem S.

    Oooo! X

  • Nina B.

    Oops! 2 pairs of wellies ordered! :grin:

  • Carrie I.

    They are factory seconds though....but ok for school!!!

  • Melissa G.

    thought of the boys xx

    • Rachel B.

      Wow that's brill. Thanks hun xx

  • Anna W.

    Just realised these ones are factory seconds though

  • Candy L.

    Can't not at that price!! Xx

  • Dani S.

    No infant ones :( x

    • Cara L.

      There's boys infant ones if you scroll down a bit

  • Louise P.

    Am I being really thick? I need a size 12 and 1, what's the difference between children's size and juniors size? Is juniors for older hence bigger?

    • Amy P.

      Yes junior is for older, I thought the same so checked the website X

    • Louise P.

      So for a 5uear old that's a 12 it's be a children's size and for a 7year old that's a 1 it'd be the juniors? Just want to double check before ordering x

  • Charley O.

    I've ordered some for school x

    • Freya J.

      Cheers babe got two! Forgot she would need some for school ha xx

  • Kerry K.

    I got the farm ones :thumbsup: xx

  • Laura L.

    couldn't resist a pair, so cheap!! And free delivery xx

    • Kat P.

      Nice they are ye xx

  • Ruth R.

    Ooh :grimacing: xx

  • Louise H.

    Just ordered some for my boys as such a bargain. But does anyone know how they're defected as it says factory seconds? Not that it matters too much as they'll soon be covered in mud! :)

    • Louise H.

      Thanks, well worth the big discount then :)

    • Lindsey K.

      I got a pair the other day there is not a single thing I can find wrong

  • Lilly P.

    there are some digger ones too

    • Fiona M.

      Thank you, got them xx

  • Helen B.

    got him a 6 in the last sale with tractors but loving a the camo ones! :heart_eyes::open_mouth: xx

  • Joanne M.

    Cheers love. Just ordered the striped ones

  • Holly M.

    OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Gillian T.

    Brilliant price x

  • Amy B.

    , , , - these are a bargain!!!! Xx

  • Victoria H.

    Thank you lovely xx

  • Gemma D.

    How did you notice :see_no_evil: these are a bargain! Thanks for sharing Hun xxxxx

  • Victoria H.

    Ah very cute!! I am fully stocked up on jojo ones as they went into the sale so have the next three sizes sat ready in them!! :scream::joy:

  • Shauna W.

    Omg soooo nice loving the crocodiles

  • Claire S.

    Damn I just got all my kids some wellies

  • Dhanika D.

    Thank you!! Got the stripy ones ordered too :raised_hands:derson have a look!

  • Emily P.

    LOVE!! X

  • Claire P.

    I like the crocodile ones!

  • Emma S.

    Just ordered some for me and my boy. The benefit of small feet :)

  • Lindsay J.

    :joy::joy: they're a bargain at this price!.... You can never have to many wellies xx

  • Kelly W.

    No sizes left for mine!

  • Holly P.

    Omg :see_no_evil:there a good buy tho! X

  • Lindsay J.

    Yep just got him some of the camouflage!! Didn't realise they were camouflage hares!!! :joy:

  • Leanne C.

    Ahh shame I've got them from here before there great! Cheaper than asda too! Result!

  • Elizabeth T.

    Now showing as £11.95?

  • Amy N.

    On it after boys go to bed.thanks hun

  • Stacey P.

    Thank you for posting this! I've just ordered some for my boys for school. These are even cheaper than supermarket ones!

  • Lauren M.

    It says here factory seconds? Not sure what that means

  • Sylv M.

    Just ordered some :blush::thumbsup_tone1: thank you

  • Helen W.

    Are these really joules? £6.95 is kinda unrealistic :see_no_evil:

  • Amber L.

    Aww their lush

  • Tashy K.

    Need or want haha xx

  • Danielle J.

    Thanks just brought some xxx

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