Hot Monkey Microwaveable Slippers (Small) £6 @ BHS

5 January 2011

hotMonkeyMicrowaveableSlippers Sometimes you see things and you just wish they had big versions of them - I'd love a pair of these Hot Monkey Microwaveable Slippers in my size!

As it is, they are only available in a small size 10 - 12; sorry if your child's feet are bigger than that already.

My youngest currently takes a size nine shoe and he's r-u-b-b-i-s-h at keeping slippers on his feet! Even if his toes are blue he'll swear blind that he doesn't have cold feet *sigh*

He has a few microwaveable teddies that he loves (Smelly Lambkins is his favourite) and so, perhaps, microwaveable Hot Monkey Slippers might persuade him to keep them on for more than 10 seconds.

Unlike most of the microwaveable teddies you get these days, you don't put slippers in the microwave - you need to take the wheat bags out, zap those for a couple of minutes and then put them back in the slippers once they're hot.

All the usual lavender 'smellyness' applies and I. WANT. SOME for MEEEE!

They were originally £12 but BHS are letting them go for £6.

Free delivery kicks in when your order is over £10 or you can collect your Hot Monkey Microwaveable Slippers for free from your local BHS store.

Thanks to stephmcd at HUKD

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