GLITCH! FREE Shoes Just Pay £2.99 Postage @ Pavers (Expired)

FREE Shoes Just Pay £2.99 Postage

EDIT: Glitch now expired.

Well this looks like what heck of a GLITCH to me! Pavers have a few different pairs of Shoes priced at £0. All you have to do is pay delivery on them, and that's only £2.99. Like with any glitch, you may get them, they may not honour it. If they do then you got FREE shoes - well almost - just for £2.99.

Here's a list of the Shoes that are FREE:

Go NOW! For your best chance of getting these FREE Shoes!

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  • Cathy C.

    Ordered. Let's hope they honour it!

  • Paula S.

    I ordered some last night

  • Vger G.

    I just ordered me & my eldest new sandals for the summer :heart_eyes: thank you xxx

  • Claire A.

    Bet they don't honour it x

    • Luke C.

      I've just orderd 5 pairs and it went through ok

    • Claire A.

      Yeah mine too but doubt they give 100s of pairs of shoes for buttons x

    • Hayley B.

      It would be a shame if they did and ended up going bust

  • Claire O.

    Order 2!! Hopefully they will honour it

  • Shellie N.

    They're pretty I'll have a look xxx

  • Kerry W.

    Amazing, thanks, just ordered 3 pairs of shoes for free! Thanks for sharing play pennies!

  • Kirstyclare H.

    Just ordered fingers crossed xx

  • Diane W.

    Fantastic! Just got 2 pairs. Well chuffed. Thank you xx

    • Diane W.

      2 pairs of FREE SHOES dear. x

  • Sareena S.

    Worth a try. I just ordered 2 pairs see if they honour it x

  • Toni N.

    Yea mine's gone through and only paid postage once so paid 3 quid for 2 pairs of shoes so can't see the harm in it x

  • Kate K.

    They’re a bargain aren’t they & they do the black ones in plum too xx

  • Shellie N.

    Missed them theyve removed them :( xx

  • Nicola J.

    Just got to checkout and they're now unavailable

  • Kelly W.

    They are on to it now..pages no longer exist

  • Debbie A.

    Just disappeared out of my basket :tired_face:

  • Theresa W.

    Ive just tried to order some sandals and it says page is not available, think they have discovered the glitch.

  • Kelly O.

    Of course when it's advertised all over social media they are now going to be unavailable, personally don't think these glitches are to be shared. Let the minority that discovered it and didn't tell anyone get their shoes, because now know one Will.

  • Gemma B.

    Just ordered some for my mum about 25min ago.

  • Jo F.

    I get error 404 page not found :(

  • Rachel W.

    Oooh, on it like a car bonnet! x

  • Jill R.

    Just sent a pair unworn to charity shop very small sizes I'm a six should have ordered a Severn....... very nice sandals

  • Hayley S.

    Ordered mine at 7am this morning hopefully will get them

  • Shantelle W.

    People are getting cancellation emails now refunding the £3 postage

  • Shaun D.

    All orders cancelled and refunded

  • Diane W.

    I’ve had a refund email saying it was an error. They are not honouring it x

  • Jem H.

    Just had email, they are not honoring the items :unamused:

  • Stef R.

    Refunded as price incorrect not sale

  • Ashley C.

    They haven’t honoured it. I’ve received a refund for the delivery

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