Girls & Boys Heelys Now From £29.99 @ Get The Label

Girls & Boys Heelys Now From £29.99 @ Get The Label

Are Heelys on your little one's Christmas list this year? If so you will know they don't come cheap. That is unless you buy them from Get The Label. They have a huge amount of Heelys starting from just £29.99!

Most of these Heelys are at least £20 cheaper than the retail price. Here are the range of Heelys that are available:

These are such a bargain, snap them up now before they sell out! Home delivery is £3.95 and if you spend £60 or more delivery becomes free if you enter the code FSD60 at the checkout.


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  • Russell C.

    Perfect :ok_hand: they look ace she will love them x

    • Kel C.

      Heelies are just annoying... make bloody kids walk!

      • Lisa B.

        Sports direct has them at this price too

        • Pippa D.

          Hideous things. Have you seen how they make children walk when they are wearing them :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

          • Cecilia F.

            That's what I don't like. Seeing the kids walk on their tiptoes when they aren't rolling around in them. Surely can't be good

            • Lisa K.

              Now the novelty has worn off we have binned my daughters it will be interesting to actually see how long it takes her to actually realise.....its been a week so far.

            • Sarah H.

              Yeah. Shes a 1 1/2, so o would get a size 2 if they dont have half sizes. These are the cheapest ive seen them. Xx

              • Gemma P.

                Ha ha these are cheap but she wanted the £60 ones and got them For £39 x