48% Off Skribbies Draw-Wipe-Draw Shoes @ LittleBird

22 June 2016
48% Off Skribbies Draw-Wipe-Draw Shoes

I first saw Skribbies on Dragon's Den, and instantly loved them. However, I didn't want to pay £££'s for them. Thank goodness for LittleBird, who have a deal on offering 48% off these uber cool shoes.

Each pair is £20.99 for 1 Pair of Skribbies Shoes plus £3.50 delivery. These are normally around the £39/£40 mark a pair, so this is a fantastic deal.

Kids just love to make or customise their own things, so why not give them Shoes to do. Skribbies can be customised however your child likes. Made from special material, they can be drawn on with the magic pens included.

Once tired of one design, they can be wiped in order to start again. Having said that, the colour should stay on in the rain.

Choose from two colours: Navy Blue or Neon Black.

Each pair comes with a pack of 8 pens, monster stickers and a wristband!

The wristband can be used to wipe the drawings and store a pen.

Once purchased through LittleBird, you will be sent out your pair of Skribbies automatically, so there's no faffing about with emails, codes and redemption.

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