Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat £9.71 @ Amazon

Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat £9.71 @ Amazon

The Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat is reduced by 51% to £9.71 from £19.99, saving a nice £10.28.

I’ve never fussed too much with the bath water – so long as it didn’t feel too hot, then someone gave us a thermometer and my daughter was playing with it. According to the thermometer, what I consider practically a cold bath is what it recommends as ideal! Well. That would put an end to bathtime with mummy!

This bath mat features a fun fishy design and it attaches to the bottom of the bath. This is great as it makes the bath non-slip according to one of the reviewers, although another says that the suckers don’t always stick, then the mat slips around the bath.

The mat is nice and soft and colourful to look at and provides a fun focus point at bath time, while serving a practical purpose too.

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  • SpoonyBoy
    They have always been £9ish in ASDA, I was going to buy one but then I noticed a plain white smart price mat for contest.