Novelty Flamingo or Unicorn Cosy 3D Slippers £9.98 @ Groupon

Novelty Flamingo or Unicorn Cosy 3D Slippers £9.98 @ Groupon

I literally live in my slippers, I have a pair for practically every room in the house! I have just fallen in love with these novelty slippers available at Groupon and they are going to be added to my ever-growing collection!

They are available in a Unicorn or Flamingo design and they are AMAZING!

These gorgeous 3D slippers will certainly keep your feet warm and toasty all year round! Choose from either a pink fluffy Flamingo design or a pretty white Unicorn design complete with silver horn.

They are just £9.98 a pair instead of the £21.99 retail price. You can select a single pair for £9.98 or two pairs for £19.98. You can select the sizes and design you would like on the drop down selection box.

These would make such awesome gifts, I mean who doesn't like Unicorns or Flamingos!

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Zoey M.

    You and fearne can have a pair each x

    • Harriet N.

      a pair for me n a pair for u haha brews at the ready while the babies sleep ... heaven ha ha x

      • Holly R.

        Woah I love them haha x :heart_eyes:

        • Harriet N.

          they are amazing aren’t they haha x

        • Claire L.

          I'm wearing these to see thea on her birthday!! Zx

          • Karen H.

            , taking flamingo obsessional far?

            • Laura D.

              Possibly a step to far..although I did see some in primark before Christmas!

            • Emily B.

              anda this just made me think of you two!!

              • Anna C.

                Oh my god!! we neeeeeed these!

                • Chloë H.

                  Hahaha you’ve already got your unicorn slippers!

                • Taylor N.

                  buy me the flamingos and me and moo can be matching

                  • Paul N.

                    Do you think it would get her to wear hers

                    • Taylor N.


                    • Catherine S.

                      So far I have 2 unicorn and my flamingo ones :joy::joy: u can never have too many!

                      • Nicola J.

                        I love both...but especially the flamingo ones :heart_eyes: xx

                        • Layla P.


                          • Ang M.

                            I've just looked at these I see tripping hazard

                            • Samantha T.

                              Yeah I've got these !!!! We will have a slipper day at work x

                              • Lesley C.

                                Could be me and libby! :heart_eyes:

                                • Kelly H.

                                  I fall over in them! I got some for Xmas once, they’re in the cupboard somewhere

                                  • Sherrie R.

                                    Cute but I'd trip over in them :joy::joy:

                                    • Catherine D.

                                      Omg!! They are like the ones I got for Xmas. :heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:

                                      • Ebony L.

                                        Especially on our new carpet, definitely no shoes allowed!

                                        • Ebony L.

                                          It would be amazing! Pink and glitter everywhere!

                                          • Heather B.

                                            Can’t believe Father Christmas didn’t bring me these!

                                            • Denise S.

                                              Please stop you are going to cost me a fortune lol

                                              • Janet R.

                                                they would match the hat nicely!