Mummy Mitts £9.99 @ Amazon

Mummy Mitts £9.99 @ Amazon

You guys went absolutely nuts for these last time, we blogged about them. The Mummy Mitts are such an amazing invention, and I want some. This is the cheapest we could find them. This could be the best £9.99 you have ever spent. Get them from Amazon with FREE Super Saver delivery included in the price. They seem to retail elsewhere for around the £18 mark, without delivery included I may add.

How many times have you lost a pair of gloves in a supermarket or in the local shop? Mummy Mitts solve this problem. No longer do you have to put gloves on and off, over and over. These Mummy Mitts simply attach to the handles of ANY pushchair or pram. They stay attached until you want to remove them. To use them, just slip your hands in and out when you need to.

My hands get chilled to the bone pushing the pram, and I swear I am getting these to combat that. Thing is I lose gloves, with putting them on and off, constantly. Don't worry about them not fitting, as one size fits all.

Grab a pair now before the snow appears, and they rocket in price.

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  • Samantha M.

    So worth the money even at full price!

  • Laura S.

    we will have to invest in some of these soon haha xxx

  • Wendy M.

    I was thinking about these the other day! :blush: xxx

  • Alana H.

    I know, these are the cheapest I've seen them

  • Lyndsey M.

    I'm struggling to understand why you should need to remove these stylish mittens to wave at people in a park, or speak to your small child. Really stylish, not at all strange... :joy:

    • Dani W.

      I think it's so when you walk away you can scare the shit out of passers by when they see the disembodied hands gripping the pram...

    • Dani W.

      Disembodied boxer hands I might add.

    • Kim R.

      They're attached to the pram with a velcro strap so you'd have a job waving or walking to talk to someone without taking your hands out!

    • Lyndsey M.

      Yes, I can see that is the design. I was hinting at the fact it might just be easier to wear a standard pair of gloves: half the price, half the hassle, half the ridicule! :rolling_eyes:

    • Stacey G.

      What if Daddy is pushing the pram?

    • Pam T.

      Handy when at out a walk and to shops etc u don’t have to keep removing gloves to do things. I always lose/forget gloves! Everyone comments on my roro taggy Ones cos they match my pram liners too

  • Lynette C.

    You'll need them if it snows :grin:

  • Grace A.

    Why not just wear gloves?...

  • Jodie W.

    Love them!!! Im guna order some x

  • Hyacinth H.

    And what’s wrong with actual gloves? :flushed: This design belongs in the Betterware catalogue; pointless but genius.

  • Stella C.

    What the hell are those :joy::joy::joy:

  • Melanie R.

    I saw someone with these the other day & wondered what they were. Lol. Not sure if it's genius or crazy? :thinking:

  • Gina Q.

    Or carrying wine for the school run :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  • Emma S.

    Great idea but they do look a bit freaky :joy::joy:

  • Benten J.

    Haha there goes my dragons den idea :joy:

  • Chelsea C.

    Lol I've already got a hand muff for the pram but these gloves arr so cool!!

  • Rachel L.

    How good are them :ok_hand_tone1: xxxx

  • Kerry S.

    These just look obsurd. What the heck is wrong with normal gloves which are practical and don't look so ridiculous lol

  • Amy A.

    Why not just wear gloves?

  • Kate S.

    Ha how good are they :joy:

  • Katie N.

    Best thing i ever bought!! Warm, waterproof always on your pram so not hunting around for a pair. Not constantly having to take gloves on and off when in town. I loved them!!

  • Laura C.

    Yes ha aren’t they ace :grinning: x

    • Emma-Louise B.

      They look odd when they’re on their own but pretty cool too!x

  • Hollie J.

    I have had these since penelope was born lol just need to dig them back out xx

  • Georgia W.

    Defo need some of those!!

  • Chloe C.

    Lol just what I was hoping for

  • Sarah A.

    Ooh I could do with some of those!! X

  • Michelle L.

    Or you could just save your money and wear your own gloves. Mummy mitts: for mums with more money than sense

  • Isobel F.

    I just don't get these. Women have coped for centuries by using actual gloves!! Is it only my hands that get cold beyond the parameters of the pram?

  • Victoria S.

    Why would you not just use normal gloves?!

  • Emma P.

    Best Christmas present ever! Love mine and instead of faffing around taking gloves off to sort bubba out you just slip your hands out, they’re waterproof so no soggy hands...brilliant things!

  • Helen W.

    There truly is an invention for everything​!

  • Emma E.

    They are hilarious! Look odd with nobody wearing them but stuck onto the handles :joy:

  • Helen W.

    I thought that! A bit spooky! I think I'll stick to my normal ones. Until they get soaked and my hands freeze to the pushchair.....Then i might change my mind!

  • Elizabeth B.

    Strangely considered something similar when D was a baby

  • Jodie M.

    It’s a must :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jax B.

    As long as you smile and wave and people walking by like that, then yes! :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Hayley L.

    The photo of the gloves just hanging kills me !!!!

  • Kerry W.

    Surely you just wear gloves?? What a silly invention

  • Jax B.

    It looks freaky!!!!! Ha xx

  • Tina L.

    Ha ha yes this is what I need!! Xx

  • Katie H.

    I have them and they are amazing :thumbsup_tone2::kissing_heart:

  • Emma W.

    Yes!!!! I was thinking about these the other day :snowman:

  • Michelle W.

    I'm tempted myself but this is the last winter Darcy will be in a pram so not much point lol x

  • Byron J.

    I'm saving my pennies for the upgraded version which has shoes attached to the rear wheels.

  • Christina L.

    I have mummy mitts and matching bubby mitts. Best things ever!

  • Debbie M.

    Fab :thumbsup_tone1: they will do the job xxx

  • Pam T.

    I got custom made ones from roro taggy!!

  • Lyndsay M.

    Omg i need these, all i need then is a brolly clip and I'll be good for the winter lol x

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