Mum and Baby Pom Pom Hat Set £6.98 (+£1.99 Delivery) @ Groupon

Mum and Baby Pom Pom Hat Set £6.98 (+£1.99 Delivery) @ Groupon

This Mum and Baby Pom Pom Hat Set from Groupon as about as adorable as it gets. They have a whopping 83% off. That means for as little as £6.98, you can get yourself a Pom Pom Hat and one for your little darling too.

The Mum and Baby Pom Pom Hat Set consists of a Mum Hat measuring 32cm x 20cm and a Baby Hat measuring 27cm x 17cm. Both are made from Knitted Cotton and Wool with a Faux Fur Pom Pom on each.

Available in Black, Blue Grey, Red and White.

These are great for this time of year and are perfect for boys or girls. They look so cosy, and rather festive with that Pom Pom on the top.

To buy this deal, simply use the link above and select the colour of your choice. Just hit 'BUY' and enter your delivery and payment details.

Delivery is £1.99


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  • Hannah F.

    No way :heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes::heart:

    • Karen G.

      Need to see what santa brings xx

      • Chloe R.

        Img I love I'm so gettin this xxxx

        • Erin M.

          Omg love :heart_eyes: how adorable!

          • Immy J.

            They are so sweet I want one xxx

            • Abigail G.

              Christmas present:eyes::joy:

              • Elizabeth R.

                Yes this is exactly what me and Penny need :grin:

                • Amber J.

                  Already ordered :joy::joy::joy:xx

                  • Katie R.

                    Beige and white sold out :sob:

                    • Kelly H.

                      So cute! Me and Mya have got matching bobble hats.. her heads just too likkle at the minute :joy: xxx

                      • Chantelle S.

                        I want her loads of different ones of them in all colours so she can always wear one:joy::see_no_evil:

                        • Amie W.

                          I want the black ones :heart_eyes:

                          • Kirsty M.

                            I’ve ordered these :joy::joy::joy::joy: