Further Sale Reductions: Now Up To 70% Off @ Irregular Choice

Further Sale Reductions @ Irregular Choice

The Irregular Choice winter sale has just got even better, as there are further reductions on sale items plus lots of new styles added! Now you can pick up fabulous shoes with as much as 70% off, from as little as £25! There's the main sale section, and then some 'hidden gems' that are reduced by way more than usual, but in limited sizes. Will you be lucky and snap up some mega bargains?

We are loving these from the 'hidden gems' sale, all at less than half price:

Don't forget to check out the kids sale* too!

Delivery costs from £3.

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  • Kayleigh T.

    they're all so pretty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Tor L.

    The boots called ‘party pants’ are pretty impressive! :heart_eyes: X

  • Emma B.

    If only i could walk in them !!

  • Kelly L.

    Yep :kissing_heart: car pending....its a long walk to bilston :joy:

  • Louise W.

    I love their shoes.... Colleagues at work always look at my feet to see what I'm wearing lol.

  • Kayleigh R.

    Oooh pretty shoes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Vicky W.

    yes they’re in my Santa list :joy::thumbsup:

  • Sarah I.

    They do seem more wacky than I remember :thinking:

  • Cara P.

    oh dear I might just buy a pair......... tonight.......

  • Jo T.

    I’ve been eyeing up a couple of pairs!! Lol

  • Amanda R.

    Although like the mushroom heel!!

  • Kirsty O.

    Omg they are beautiful!! X

  • Vicki C.

    hoping so as there’s a pair on eBay I’ve wanted for ages but always to expensive

  • Jess B.

    Santa brought me two pairs for Christmas :heart:

  • Caroline B.

    I have pennies. Just saying :joy::joy:

  • Michaela J.

    Sorry not letting me put pic on

  • Kerry M.

    Nope, they're unicorns :joy: xx

  • Lucy B.

    Oh god! A sale too! I'll blame you if I buy a pair :joy: x

  • Alison G.

    I have been looking and been very tempted. X

  • Katie G.

    Oh god don't do that to me!!

  • Amy R.

    I have been really good haven't bought any in ages xx

  • Gillian D.

    Ha i love these. They remind me though of my "just the right shoe" collection

  • Charlene R.

    Oh don’t you worry Michelle, I’ve been looking xx

  • Donna S.

    In love with the first pair :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Adele S.

    I need the unicorn ones!

  • Becky H.

    loving the sales - spent my voucher. Not on shark shoes though I’m afraid

  • Jay W.

    Ahhhh the mushroom :mushroom: with the fairy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Tanya T.

    Is it wrong that I like the unircorns? :joy::joy::unicorn: xxx

  • Leanne K.

    Erm not for me.. shark or no shark

  • Liza O.

    I like the circus ones :circus_tent:

  • Jude B.

    I went into Brighton on Sunday too look at them :heart_eyes:

  • Emma G.

    Specially the fairy mushroom pair x

  • Julie D.

    Well they are just... delightful!

  • Noreen M.

    Ah now come on! The shark ones are for everyday wear!

  • Hayley M.

    Must resist temptation!!! Xx

  • Nicola R.

    I love the shark shoes.... have considered getting them multiple times :heart:

  • Wilma W.

    Dear glory are you trying to find a winner for most hideous shoes?

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