Disney Frozen Forever Sisters Backpack £9.99 @ Amazon

Disney Frozen Forever Sisters Backpack £9.99 @ Amazon

Disney Frozen Backpack

If you've got a little Frozen fan in the house who has begged and pleased for a Disney Frozen backpack for back to school season, then you might want to brace yourself. Cos this cute Disney Frozen backpack is just £9.99 (with £1 shipping) right now at Amazon.

There's a comment left by a customer on this item which says it's about 45 cm height wise, which she reckons is just right for nursery for a four year old.

It's apparently also a 100% official licensed product although I can't vouch for exactly what that means - presumably just that it's not a cheap knock-off?!

And if you just can't resist all the co-ordinating bits and pieces then check out this cute Disney Frozen pencil case too - it's just £1.99 right now with 99p shipping.

There's not really much more I can tell you about this bag but I reckon Frozen backpacks are likely to get harder and harder to get your hands on as back to school season really gets underway, so don't dilly dally if you think this would please a little pupil. And of course it doesn't have to be a school bag - you could even snaffle one to put aside as a stocking filler for Christmas - perfect for all sorts of trips and adventures.


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