Waybuloo Butterfly Peg Puzzle £1.99 @ MailOrderExpress

Waybuloo Butterfly Peg Puzzle £1.99 @ MailOrderExpress

If you pop over to MailOrderExpress you'll be able to pick up this Waybuloo Butterfly peg puzzle for just £1.99, it's usual retail price is £7.99.

It's no secret, here on PlayPennies, that I'm a serious puzzle fan - it doesn't matter whether they're super simple, like this Waybuloo Butterfly peg puzzle, or contain a mammoth 1000 pieces, I love them all.

For little tiny ones, this Waybuloo Butterfly peg puzzle will help them develop their fine motor skills; their pattern recognition abilities will be tested and developed through identifying which butterfly piece fits into which butterfly space.

The beauty of these very early days puzzles is they are just enough to hold a young child's interest, tricky enough to make them think without it being too difficult causing them to give up.

I've never bought anything from MailOrderExpress before so I quickly ran through the process, and was rather surprised when a 'sign in to your Amazon account' window popped up!

I duly did and discovered that standard delivery is going to cost an additional £1.99.  Not only that, if you enter SALE2012 into the promotion box 20 pence will be deducted from the total - so, all in, you're going to be paying £3.78 for your Waybuloo Butterfly peg puzzle.

It was rather nice not to have to fill in all my address and payment details as they're all held on my Amazon account; fabulous.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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