Where's Wally 1000-Piece Puzzle £5.49 @ Amazon

Where's Wally 1000-Piece Puzzle £5.49 @ Amazon

If you want something to a) challenge your child and b) keep them quiet for a g e s then this Where's Wally 1000-piece puzzle is worth considering.

Amazon have reduced it's price, for now at least, from £12.95 to £5.49.

Of course you don't have to leave your child to find Wally, you can help too.

I sort of remember Where's Wally.

I think he hit the scene during my teenage years and so I didn't really pay much attention to him but from memory, and subsequent conversations with Where's Wally fans, he hides and YOU have to find him.

First of all you have to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, and that will require sorting out your corners from your double and single straight edges and then ALL the hundreds and hundreds of middle bits.

WOW I love puzzlesl; I haven't done a big one for years - lots of Peppa Pig and JCB ones, but not one that I can really get my teeth into though.

When it's finished, this Where's Wally 1000-piece puzzle measures 48cm x68cm and will leave you, and anyone else who lends a helping hand, with a huge feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Thanks to Supalynz at HUKD 


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