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4 August 2010

mands Yes you read that right! Marks and Spencer have school uniform items starting from just £1!

When I was at school all uniform was standard, jumpers with an embroidered school logo were the exception rather than the norm'; my school distinguished itself from the other navy blue uniformed establishements with a tie - yep, a proper tie AND we wore long sleeved cotton shirts in the winter, short in the summer!

When the Teenagers started school everything was logo-embroidered up to the hilt, the right coloured purple socks were only available from the school bursar and the whole uniform experience buying experience was nothing short of being robbed in broad daylight.

Touch wood your child's school has a modicum of common sense and you can take advantage of some rather fab back to school uniform bargains at Marks and Sparks!

It's going to be a bit tricky to link to individual items because of the way M&S have laid this part of the site out, but here are all the value uniform items for girls and here are the value uniform items for boys (click on the pictures to see the uniform items - this really could have been done better).

You can pick up a pack of three polo shirts in either white, sky blue, grey, red or yellow for between £3 and £9 and basic cotton jumpers start at £2.  Both gender trousers start at £3.50, skirts from £2.50 and all have adjustable waists - this little feature has proved invaluable over the years for my teenage son as he's got a little skinny waist.

There are lots of other uniform items available (value range and not - the 'quality' ranges start from £6.50) and if you order school uniform items only you can claim free delivery by using this code at the checkout: SCHOOL10

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