(Expired) Satchel Insulated Lunch Bag £7.50 @ Tesco Direct

(Expired) Satchel Insulated Lunch Bag £7.50 @ Tesco Direct


Satchels were not fashionable when I was little. They are now though and I want one! If you have an older child that is too cool for a regular packed lunch then I have just the solution. Head to Tesco Direct and get the Satchel Insulated Lunch Bag. It is silver in colour and is reduced from £10 to just £7.50. I say just because this won't age...they can use it from six to twenty six if they wanted.

The Satchel Insulated Lunch Bag is made by Spearmark and it will suit children at primary/secondary school, college, university and us mummies, just because it's pretty cool.

It can be carried on the should with the long strap or handheld by the short handle. It's very quirky and will appeal to those trendy kids that like to stand out.

The special insulating lining will keep your child's food cool and fresh instead of lukewarm and yukky. This is a very important function of a packed lunch if you ask me.

You can Click and Collect the Silver Satchel Insulated Lunch Bag for FREE from Tesco Direct or pay £3 for home delivery.


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