Puzzle Tubs £4.80 @ Debenhams

31 January 2011

puzzleTubs Debenhams are selling puzzle tubs for £4.80 instead of their original price tag of £20.

I love puzzles.

Kids love them too and Debenhams clearly love us all SO much they’ve reduced puzzle tubs for boys and girls right down to a much more affordable £6 and and with the codes I’ll give you at the end, it will come down further to £4.80 and you can have it delivered for free too.

I haven’t done a puzzle for years – in fact, all this writing about them makes me hanker after getting one to do – there’s something very satisfying about soting out all the corners and then sorting out the edges from the middle bits.

Next comes carefully studying the box and matching which outside bits and corners go where and THEN the juicy bit…working out the rest. The feeling of triumph and satisfaction when you fit that final piece in and complete the picture is quite something.

Puzzles are great for kids as it develops all sorts of things – the fine motor skills involved in picking up and fitting the pieces together, the logical process required to sort everything out and pattern recognition in replicating the picture on the box.

BEST of all…there are no flashing lights, bells, whistles, squeaky noises and they don’t require batteries; marvellous.

There are two puzzle tubs for grabs here, one for boys and one for girls, and each one contains a fabulous TEN different puzzles.

Here are the codes you need to drop the price and get free delivery, although you can arrange to collect in-store if you prefer: SDH1 for delivery and PL2P for the price drop.

Thanks to holnwob at HUKD

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