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29 June 2016
15% Off & Free Delivery @ Stamptastic

Are you dreading spending hours ironing or sewing labels on the kids school uniform? It's a job I hate and with my second starting nursery in September that means twice as much time spent on this tiresome job. But I think I've found the solution! Stamptastic sell personalised name stamps that can be used on all your child's belongings, and we have been given an exclusive discount just for all you PlayPennies readers.

You can get 15% off all orders of £13 or more by entering the code below, and you also get free delivery too.

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I had been considering getting one of these ink stamps now that I have double the uniform to label, and was talking to a friend who used one - and now I am convinced. She told me that she bought one for her daughter more than 4 years ago and that the stamp and ink pad are still going strong. You can still read the name in all the clothes that have been labelled with it, with the stamp outlasting the uniform itself!

It looks really easy to use, and can be applied to fabric, metal, wood and even some plastics so you you can stamp the kids names on all their uniform, shoes, school bags, lunch bags and everything else they might lose! I love the idea of making your own personalised pencils with it too - so much better value than buying them.

With our PlayPennies Exclusive code you can get both the Standard Name Stamp* and the Stamptastic Ink Pad* for just £18.70 including delivery.

I used iron-on labels for my eldest and they have been such a pain. As well as taking an age to get on (three turns of ironing and cooling for each) I find that they all fade and many have come off in the wash anyway. And sew-in ones are a no-no for a kid who complains about itchy labels (though I'm glad about that with my lack of sewing skills to be honest). So I'm going to be placing an order with Stamptastic as soon as I've finished writing about it!

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  • Laura �.

    Do these wash well? Like withstand a boil wash?

    • FranStamp

      Hi Laura

      We have had the ink independently tested by a laboratory and it withholds 50 laundry washes at 40 degrees on most fabrics (not wool or teflon coated socks!) without fading. 

      I hope that helps :)

      Best wishes

      Francesca x

      (Co founder Stamptastic)

  • Maxine M.

    We have one. Well worth the money. We have stamped bottles and even school bags. :thumbsup:

  • Ellie C.

    But what do you do about dark colour clothes? Does it last in the dishwasher on water bottles?

    • Helen M.

      On the website, it says to buy a white one for dark colours.

    • Ellie C.

      oh cool ..... But buy 2???

    • Rachel T.

      We do it on the label

  • Kim S.

    These look ace xx

  • Lucy W.


  • Vicky O.

    I might get for my three x

  • Cadey R.

    should of got one of these x

    • Ruth L.

      That's loads easier x

  • Clare T.

    Looks good x

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