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4 August 2012

If you pop along to Tesco you can personalise all sorts of Back to School things!  Lunch boxes start from £4.98, notebooks from £2.73 and rucksacks from £5.98 are just a few of the things you can stamp your  personalised mark on.

Yes mums and dads, we're almost a week into August!  Tipping into August always feels like the beginning of the home stretch of the summer holidays to me; sure there's still a long way to go but with the kids going back to school next month, the end is in sight.

It also means it's time to start getting all the usual 'back to school' things organised: lunch boxes, water bottles, book bags,  rucksacks, pens and pencil cases etc.

This year you can make these, usually, run of the mill school items a little more interesting and personal by personalising them at Tesco.

You can be as creative, or not, as you like - use your child's favourite picture of a family pet, their favourite sports team.  Perhaps if you've been to, or are going to, the Olympics use a picture of your child at that historic event - my youngest son went to watch the fencing, he said it was AWESOME (you can see him with a Beefeater Wenlock at the Tower of London in the picture above!)

You could, if you wanted to be a little more abstract,  set your child a summer holiday project and ask them to paint/draw their own lunch box design - it could include pictures of all their favourite foods.

Of course, they don't just have to draw.  They could search for pictures on the internet, or in old magazines; you could help print them off, cut them out, stick them together in a collage then take a photograph of it and use that - you can tell I love things like this, can't you!

The possibilities are endless and if you have a young one who's nervous about going to school in the new term, then this might be a gentle way to get them looking forward to it a little more.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD 

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