Peppa Pig Giant Story Puzzle £3.92 @ Amazon

Peppa Pig Giant Story Puzzle £3.92 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Peppa Pig giant story puzzle for £3.92 - its usual price is £6.99.

You know what?  I'm going to go out and buy myself a puzzle today - not a Peppa Pig giant story puzzle but a puzzle I can really lose myself in when I need to clear my mind of all the chaos that's currently inhabiting it!

Puzzles are great for that, but when you're small you (hopefully!!) don't have mental clutter to banish so you can concentrate on just having fun and learning lots of new skills without realising it.

Pattern recognition, problem solving, shape sorting and fine motor skills are some of the skills playing with puzzles can help develop, let alone the massive sense of satisfaction that comes with placing that final puzzle piece and completing the picture.

Twenty pieces make up this Peppa Pig story puzzle and includes 10 large story pieces, with backgrounds depicting the different seasons, and 10 smaller shaped pieces featuring different Peppa Pig characters and objects to put together within the larger story board pieces.

The word 'giant' isn't used loosely either - the Peppa Pig Giant Story Puzzle measures a whopping one metre in length and is 15cm high.  I think it sounds rather fab', but don't take my word for it have a read of this review from an existing owner - it's quite long, but worth it..

"I couldn't work out this one from the description at first, but in reality it really is a very clever variation on a traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Not only are there 10 pieces to puzzle together as one jigsaw, but the pieces have missing 'shapes' to add in or take out, meaning many other variants of play. Each piece also tells a story - so good for sequencing and oral storytelling too!

So far we have:
1. Done it as a 10 piece puzzle
2. Done it as a 10 piece shape sorter
3. Done it as an 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 piece puzzle/shapesorter (varying the missing pieces to suit!)
4. Played a game of 'whats missing' as different shapes are removed from the puzzle whilst the players keep their eyes closed
5. Used the shapes for counting games
6. Played colour matching games
7. Told and retold and changed the story shown on the puzzle
........ and so it goes on.

I simply can't recommend this more highly - from about 2 years+. Well made, in sturdy card with a shiny colourful picture front. Excellent value for money."

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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