Kiwi Kids Kit Shoe Cleaner Review

20 August 2010

Kiwi Kids Kit Bag

The Kiwi Kids Kit includes a Quick Shine Sponge, Easy Scuff Cover, and Trainer Cleaner. Personally I'm always a little dubious of anything that has a 'kids' label slapped on it. For one thing, it isn't going to be some sort of magic device designed to enable your kids to clean their own stuff. These aren't any different, you're still going to be the one who cleans their shoes.

For another thing, it is usually an excuse to slap a bit extra on the price.

The Kiwi Kids Kit comes in a bag, and will be available in Tesco from September for £6, which isn't a bad price as all three items are full sized products. I received some preview products to try them out. These were the same as the ones you'll get in the bag, but sadly I didn't get the kit bag. So thankfully I can say that they're not selling you a down-sized version under the pretext of it being 'kids'.

The next question I asked myself was, do I need this? I mean, how often do you clean your shoes? Or your kids shoes? If you answered hardly ever and never you're just like me! Recently though I looked at ways to extend the life of your school uniform. Looking after shoes does make sense (as long as they're still fitting their feet that is).

I tried the Kids Trainer Cleaner out on my favourite pair of trainers. These aren't just old, they are ancient. But even so I didn't think the trainer cleaner would make that much of a difference as I wash them frequently with soapy water.

Kiwi Kids Kit Trainer Cleaner Before and AfterThe trainer cleaner removed a lot more grime, and really brightened up the white. It is hard to tell in a photo but I used the trainer cleaner on the top shoe, and just a cloth on the bottom.

The grey and black marks were all just mostly wear. Or so I thought. Actually it turns out there is a valid reason for using a trainer cleaner over a bit of Fairy washing up liquid and water. I was pretty impressed with how clean, and bright the shoes came out.

NEW_Kiwi_Kids_pack_shots_sponge_046My real favourite in the kit though is the Quick Shine Sponge. This really did do exactly what it says on the packet! Quickly and easily too. The shine is pretty impressive, and I know I'll be using this to spruce up my work shoes too.

I don't know that there is anything particularly 'easy' about the Easy Scuff Cover. It works the same as all of these types of polish. You push the sponge down and the polish is worked through the sponge. This one uses a "wax rich formulation to help nourish and protect children's shoes". The polish does come out a little thicker than I was expecting, and you do have to work it in a bit more.

Both products were tried out on my son's last pair of school shoes, which I hadn't even so much as taken a cloth to in the entire time he owned them. After application, I do think the waxier polish is a good idea, it certainly gave the leather a good coating.

And Finally

With older kids, there's a chance that having these products all in their own bag may encourage them to clean their own shoes. And, I hear you say, that might be a flying pig going past the window! I wouldn't let my five year old anywhere near this stuff though as I am quite sure I'd have black smudges over everything in the house within seconds!

I was quite impressed with the quality of the products, and at roughly £2 each they're not a bad price.

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