Family And School Calendars Review

25 August 2010

KTWO Products Family Calendar and School Calendar 1
How organised are you? My 'daily planner' is the side of a bookshelf on which I tack (with bits of  sellotape) scraps of paper with scribbled notes on appointments and events. Not particularly organised!

Which is odd really as I have a huge stationery fetish. I think that is why I am lacking any proper organisers or calendars because I don't trust myself to step into Paperchase, Rymans or even WH Smiths. Not because I'll spend more than I should but because of the huge amount of time it'll take to browse lovingly through all those shelves of lovely lovely stationery.

Beautiful Stationery

KTWO Products Birthday Card BookThe KTWO Products website is more comforting than eating a whole bar of chocolate. I could just curl up on the sofa on a rainy night, with a snuggly blanket and my laptop, and happily browse this site for hours. Which is actually what I did this evening thanks to the wonderful British summer weather we've had this week.

KTWO Products let us know that most of their customers are busy mums. So we got a couple of their items to review and find out just how useful they might be. The company is based in Edinburgh and describes itself as a "specialist in files, calendars and journals, which aim to bring stylish organisation and calm to busy lives."

Canny Calendars

We recieved a School Calendar12.99) and a Family Calendar9.99). I gave them to Playpennies mum of one, Tamsin, to try out. They are also giving Playpennies readers a 20% discount. I wrote about that yesterday - to find out more click here.

KTWO Products Family Calendar 2011"I got the 2011 family calendar that comes with pockets for each month to put bills and cards and stuff in (SO useful) and the school calendar that runs from August 2010 to July 2011 and has loads of brilliant stuff in it." says Tamsin.

"It has a notepad, stickers (both in cute little carry boxes on the front, space for five people to write notes/birthdays/reminders, colour coded stickers."

The School Calendar has space for up to five family members to record appoinments and events.  The calendar runs from August to July to keep in line with the academic year. The Family Calendar also has space for up to five family members, along with a deep pocket for each month for keeping little bits of extra stuff close to hand. In addition, there's space to help you remember recycling dates, add in useful phone numbers, and a calendar and notes section for 2012.

KTWO Products School Year CalendarDid Tamsin find them useful? As she told us "these are brilliant, I think, because of my space constraints at home. The only downy I have with them is that they can’t stick on my fridge. "

The Full Range

I was intrigued to see, in the Best Selling section, a Takeaway Menu Organiser. I know that when my two step children were still at home, I would always have a pile of pamphlets from pizza deliveries, chinese takeaways and indian restaurants. However, I'd never thought of getting a special organiser just for those. It might be nice to have a file specially designed for takeaway menus, but I would have to ask myself if I would really use it. And I probably wouldn't. I could imagine best intentions followed by never taking it out again and just jamming the menus in the corner of the cubboard as I do at the moment.KTWO Products Family Retro Cakes Recipe File

But that doesn't matter, because I'm sure that there's plenty of people out there for whom it is the perfect product. It would be heaven for anyone who loves being organised. There's an organiser, planner or calendar that covers everything I can think of and a few I didn't!

And Finally

Having liked the look of it on the website, and after Tamsin's glowing endorsement, I've actually bought one of the Family Calendars myself. That doesn't happen to often actually. Since joining the Playpennies family, and getting into the ethos of this site, I limit myself now to buying only the things that I really, actually need. After all, even if something is on sale at half price, it isn't a bargain if you weren't going to buy it in the first place!

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