Disney Cars 2 Back To School Review

2 September 2011

Cars 2 high res back pack 1 I’m sure you’ve noticed that Cars 2 is the new big thing this year and Disney are leading the way in Back To School merchandising. Of course, when they sent us a basket of Cars 2 goodies, we had a good rummage through, before sending them out to Tessa, PlayPennies mum to little Jack.

We sent Jack (or Tessa, really) the Cars 2 Backpack, which features a full panel artwork of Lightning McQueen and other film favourites. It has a large interior with front zip pockets, side mesh pockets and adjustable shoulder straps.

Tessa had pretty mixed feelings on the Cars 2 Backpack. She felt that it was pretty good quality, with “a huge plastic image on the front and adjustable straps on the back.”

She didn’t like that it is only a single compartment – she said it’s a bit rubbish, actually, “especially when kids throw all sort of things into them.”

There are two pockets on either side of the zip which Tessa thought was helpful. “The bag is sealed with a zip and the pockets with Velcro.”

Tessa has been using the bag for three weeks now, and has put it through its paces. The good things about it are that it is dark in colour, which Tessa feels is a good thing, as it means you don’t notice the usual scuff marks and damage from regular wear and tear.

Cars 2 high res back pack 1“The plastic cover and material are easy to wipe clean and keep in good condition. The bag has taken quite a beating and yet it still looks good. I even took a sharp pen to the plastic image to see how durable it is, but it still looks good, so should really last a good while.”

And while there are no complaints about the bag, Tessa wasn’t overwhelmed by it. It’s a backpack, it’s good quality, but it’s not exactly changing the face of Back To School.

I’m not blown away by the bag, if I’m honest. It isn’t redefining the barriers of school portability but it is really cool for kids who are completely and utterly into Cars and Cars 2. For a kid with that love, this would make a superb present or back to school inspiration.”


We also sent Tessa and Jack a set of Cars 2 stationary, which we’ve since discovered isn’t available on line, but only in store. The set we sent Tessa contains a sharpener, an eraser, a pen, pencil and ruler, all very heavily marked with Cars 2 images.  Tessa thought they were very nice. It’s a basic set of stationary, but “is sure to make any Cars 2 fans smile while they’re working away at school.”

CTSY ThumbnailThere are a few other options online for Cars 2 stationary, such as the Cars School Set which comes in a tough card carry case, and contains a ball pen, highlighters, a notebook, sticky notepad, and a ruler and tape, also all in Cars 2 designs.

There’s a sale on at the Disney store at the moment, with 25% off Back To School items. In the sale the backpack Tessa reviewed is reduced from £12 to £9 and the School Set (which isn’t the one we reviewed, but is the one that’s available online) is actually reduced by 30%, from £10 to £7.

Tessa felt that the backpack was good value for money at £12, so at £9, she thought it an absolute bargain. She also thought that if the rest of the items in the sale were as good quality as those she reviewed, it’s a really good buy, and definitely worth checking out.

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