6 Orchard Toys Transport Puzzles £3 @ Amazon

8 February 2011

orchardTransportPuzzles Amazon are selling this set of 6 Orchard Toys Transport Puzzles for £3, instead of £6.

If you're a regular PlayPennies reader then you'll know of my love for puzzles.

They don't require any batteries, they don't have any flashing lights, they don't crinkle, rattle, play silly tunes or have any bells on - they're just good old fashioned puzzles that have a huge range of benefits when played with.

Puzzles encourage the development of pattern recognition, patience, organisation (if you sort out the corners from the edges and the middle pieces) and also fine motor skills which are required to fit all the pieces together.

This set of six Orchard Toys Transport Puzzles are perfect for really young kiddies to take their first steps into the puzzle world, as each puzzle only has two pieces.

This might seem pointless to us grown-ups but think about it, there are twelve pieces they need to sort out and work with and when you're only 18 months old, or so, that's going to take a bit of work.

The reviews are excellent; five stars from everybody...

"This set of two piece puzzles is the perfect gift for my 18 month old Grandson. They are made of good strong material and won't bend or crease easily.
In fact I am so pleased I have ordered the Farm Animals too."

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD

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