25 Pre-Cut Iron-On School Name Tape Labels £0.99 @ eBay (Expired)

17 July 2014

Name Labels Follow the link below for 25 pre-cut iron-on school name tape labels, for 99p with free delivery. At under 4p a label, that's not bad at all.

If you need name tapes for school uniforms and clothes or school equipment these could be a good option, by the sounds of it.

The materials are made of woven, porous, nylon-like material. Apparently when printed, the ink is thermally introduced into the material, a similar process to tattooing human skin - your trivia for the day.

The ink apparently won't fade or wash off, so that's good.

You can pay for these by PayPal, which I love, but when you place the order you need to leave the name to be printed in PayPal notes or send a message via eBay. 

These seem a great idea if you only need a few labels to get you through preschool or similar.

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