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2 September 2011

firstDayAtSchoolCards Clinton Cards are running a 25% discount on personalised and non-personalised First Day at School cards until Friday 9 September.

I love sending cards and I love the idea of sending 'Good Luck on your First Day at School' cards.

A first day at school, a first day at a NEW school or even a first day at university is a big deal and it's always lovely to receive a card, wishing you love and luck, from the people who are closest to you.

There are lots of cards to choose from, including the old favourite Tatty Teddy from the Me to You range and my new MOST favourite, Boofle.

I absolutely ADORE Boofle and anyone expecting a card, of any sort, from me in the near future can expect it to be a Boofle card - he's just TOO cute.

Now, the eagle-eyed among you may notice (if Clinton don't spot it first) that the blurb on the top of the page clearly states that the 25% discount on First Day at School cards runs until 9 August.

Well clearly that's passed, however, scroll down to the terms and conditions and you'll see the correct end date for the promotion as 9 September.

The 25% doesn't include delivery - of which there are a plethora of different options - and only applies to cards bought online.

Happy card choosing!

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