12 HB Pencils With Eraser 87p @ Amazon

12 HB Pencils With Eraser 87p @ Amazon

Now I know this deal isn't going to set the world on fire, or have you leaping up and down with excitement, but you know what - I'm THAT sick and tired of reaching for a pencil on my desk, only to find out they've all vanished to goodness knows where, that I'm VERY excited about these 12 HB pencils for 87 pence (and that's their delivered price too!).

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you...

You've tidied your desk; all your pens have lids and are happily sitting in the pen pot, all the pencils have been sharpened and are playing nicely with the pens in the pen pot.

You have post-it pads too and are are just where you like them on your desk - in exactly the right place to be able to grab one at a moments notice when the phone rings, or when you need to make a note of something with a newly sharpened pencil.

Within two days, at the most, and because you live with other people, your pen pot now only contains one yellow colouring pencil, a pair of scissors, a CD marker (red), a biro that doesn't work and a rogue paper clip, along with a few unstapled staples which rattle around in the bottom of it.

WHERE have all the pens and pencils gone?!!!!

I bet no one has any clue do they, and they didn't take one either because they 'have their own!' Hmmm, I thought so, the same evil pencil fairy who visits my house must come to yours too!!!

The reviews for these 12 HB pencils with eraser tips are good - now for people to feel compelled to leave reviews about a set of humble pencils must tell you something about them (the pencils, not the people!), so if you want to stock up on some good quality pencils, this is a deal for you; hurrah!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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