Zinc Flyte Case Scooter £39.99 @ Toys R Us

Zinc Flyte Case Scooter £39.99 @ Toys R Us

Oh how cool are these? The Zinc Flyte Case Scooter, is a Trunki for older children really. Yes, it's a suitcase but one that the kids can scoot about on at the airport or wherever else you're held up.

Zinc specialise in outdoor active toys like in-line skates and bikes, so this should be well made.

Toys R Us are selling the Zinc Flyte Case Scooter for just £39.99. It's reduced from £59.99 and FREE delivery is included. This is by far the best price we have seen these for.

The Zinc Flyte Case Scooter is a suitcase and an awesome scooter in one. It's lightweight which means it's fine for travelling with, thankfully, since that's it's purpose.

To the front is the case and the footplate can be folding quickly and easily for storage. The scooter handles can be used to pull along the case like a more traditional suitcase.

It's fine for sleepovers at Granny's house and great for holidays. If your child has outgrown their Trunki, then why not grab them one of these?

Suitable for children aged four to eight years old.

You can Click and Collect the Zinc Flyte Case Scooter for FREE from a Toys R Us store near you if delivery doesn't suit you.

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  • Shari N.

    Might have to get one of these for next year

    • Kayleigh F.

      Yes definatly

    • Missy W.

      Omg need to get these for girls

      • Jamie W.

        Mare shite, just what we need

      • Victoria S.

        We have one of these and they are fantastic especially when we got delayed!

        • Dawn T.

          Can you take them as carry on?

          • Victoria S.

            We have several times and not had a problem x

            • Victoria S.

              Very online do nicer looking ones

            • Sheena O.

              cud see you with this

              • Pauline K.

                Ohhhh now that's Defo me :joy::joy: lol xxx

              • Vicky F.

                Do these count as carry on?

                • Kerry S.

                  we need to get these for the kids next year xx

                  • Charlotte R.

                    How cool are these !!!

                    • Jasmine S.

                      . Need these for the kids

                      • Hayley G.

                        Ohhhh they look good!!

                        • Hayley G.

                          I'll check if it's small enough to be hand luggage! Xx

                          • Fiona B.

                            Perfect. Xxx

                            • Geraldine M.

                              V good

                              • Donya D.

                                Oh my god !!!! These are amazing :joy::joy:

                                • Jackie W.

                                  we should get these !!! They've got trunkies in tesco for 25 quid

                                  • Donya D.

                                    Trunkies are okay for like them all but think Khya and Jordan would be a little unhappy having to have them :joy: deffo for the rest though, just don't know if I wanna pay £100 for 4 suitcases :confounded: xx

                                    • Jackie W.

                                      They're only carry on cases very small

                                      • Donya D.

                                        yup xx

                                      • Laura O.

                                        I sooo want one! Thy look fab! Xx

                                        • Colette M.

                                          They are fab! She would love one of them X

                                          • Louise W.


                                            • Grace M.

                                              this is what I wanted for bill but they out of stock everywhere!!

                                              • Tara B.

                                                Thankyou hun its out of stock at toyrus but im gonna look on line :-) I love idea of them x

                                                • Mmelissa C.

                                                  Aw your joking! Nothing worse! Did you mange to get it on as hand luggage ok? Noticed a few people have said they are too heavy to be taken on the plane xx

                                                  • Debbie E.

                                                    Oh have they...yeah his was under the 10kg allowance and he had all the shoes, aswell as swimming stuff, underwear and toys/tablet/chargers xx