Toy Story Ride On Toy £14.97 @ Asda

Toy Story Ride On Toy £14.97 @ Asda

toyStoryRideOnToyOh this is cute - this Toy Story ride-on toy is £14.97, it's currently £24.99 at Play and Amazon.

I love simple toys like this; there's a lot to be said for good old-fashioned ride-on fun.

This Toy Story ride-on toy isn't quite as retro so as to not require batteries because it, of course, has light and sound effects.

It plays music, makes realistic engine and horn sounds (really? Realistic engine sounds...I'd be impressed if they were) along with colourful rotating gears, sliding characters and a removeable toy phone.

Whilst your youngster might think they're just having fun on their Toy Story ride-on toy, the rotating gears, sliding gears and buttons on the phone are helping to develop their fine motor skills.

Sitting and scooting along on it will be improving their sense of balance and develop strong and healthy leg muscles;  and YOU thought it was just another Toy Story toy too.

The Toy Story ride-on toy is suitable for little people aged between 12 months and 3 years; the lights and sounds will need 2AA batteries to run and they are included; yippeee, I do dislike it when batteries aren't included.

Thanks to addyfisher at HUKD


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