Tinga Tinga Tales Trike £22.99 @ Argos

Tinga Tinga Tales Trike £22.99 @ Argos

tingaTingaTalesTrikeArgos have taken £10 off this Tinga Tinga Tales trike, making it £22.99 instead of £32.99.

As your kids get older you lose touch with all the awesome young kiddies programmes, so I'd never heard of Tinga Tinga Tales before I came across this Tinga Tinga Tales trike on sale in Argos.

I don't like not knowing things so I asked my good friend Google to help me out; Tinga Tinga Tales sounds COOL, I might even have to have to see if I can 'accidentally' find myself in the right place at the right time to watch an episode or two.

Tinga Tinga Tales are based on African folk tales and aimed at 4- to 6-year olds; there were 52 episodes made in total.

So the Tinga Tinga Tales trike - well what can I tell you about a trike that you don't already know?

It has three wheels, it has two pedals - one attached to each side of the front wheel - and when you're little they're pretty awesome!

This one has a parent pole on the back, which is removeable, so you can help your child along with the forward motion bit until their legs get strong enough to pedal it along on their own.

You can click and reserve a Tinga Tinga Tales trike and collect it from Argos for free, or you can pay them £5.95 to deliver it to your house.

Happy Tinga Tinga Triking!


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