Little Tikes Princess Coupe £31.99 @ Tesco

If you're stuck for a bigger pressie for your little princess, then how about this Little Tikes Princess Coupe?  You can pick one up from Tesco for £31.99, rather than £39.99.

This is a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in pastel pink and blue colours for girls who like their cars to look girly - all it needs is a fluffy pink steering wheel cover and it would look exactly like my niece's mum's car (I kid you not!).

These Little Tikes ride-in cars have been around for 40 years and I've yet to come across a child who doesn't LOVE them, or an adult who had one who doesn't have fond memories of them - they are rather great!

If ever there was a toy that boys and girls alike just love to play with, it's one of these little funky ride-in cars - they have an open and close petrol cap, an 'ignition switch' for super-fast getaways (all of my kids loved turning the key and making VROOM VROOOOOM revving noises straight after) and the front wheels swivel 360 degrees to make parking or getting out of a tight spot a piece of cake.

The quickest, and cheapest, way to get your hands on your Little Tikes Princess Coupe car is to arrange to collect it in-store; if you really can't get there though, then home delivery is your other option, standard will cost you an additional £3, and express £5.95 though.

Thanks to pinkjoanne123 at HUKD

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