Tandem Space Hopper £13.89 @ Amazon

Tandem Space Hopper £13.89 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this tandem Space Hopper for £13.89, at the moment, rather than its usual £20.99.

Did you have a Space Hopper as a child?  Did you love it?  I did, and I did!  There were a big group of us, in the little village I grew up in for a while, who had them and we'd go on Space Hopping adventures around the roads - it was a very little village and almost 35 years ago (dear lord, that's just made me feel old!), it wasn't like we were playing Space Hopper 'chicken' with busy traffic.

With a tandem Space Hopper the original Space Hopper generation can take their hopping experience to the next level!  I went to a 22-year school reunion two weeks ago (we weren't organised enough to put together a nice round number 20-year one) and tandem Space Hopper races would have been absolutely hilarious.

Sorry, is this supposed to be for kids...?  They'll have to wait in line I'm afraid, Space Hopping isn't just for childhood!

The tandem Space Hopper stands at 55cm high and comes with a foot pump to inflate it with, your lungs can breath a sigh of relief, just in case they were getting a bit panicky for a moment.

Thanks to cath1510 at HUKD 


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  • t4v
    Looks like a deathtrap to me. I can see the accidents with kids slamming their heads together.