Tandem Space Hopper £12.99 @ Amazon

Tandem Space Hopper £12.99 @ Amazon

tandemSpaceHopperI. WANT. ONE of these tandem space hoppers!!!  Yes I do!!

I had a space hopper when I was a kid and I LOVED him.

He was awesome fun and we spent many a happy hour bouncing around together and with our other friends who loved to bounce too.

Can you even begin to imagine the FUN to be had on this tandem space hopper?!

He's 55cms high and I'm imagining successful bouncing is going to require the same level of cooperation and coordination necessary for running a three-legged race.

Kids and grown-ups who already have one attest to its fun factor in their reviews...

"I bought this for my daughter of 9 years old and she loves it! She and her friends had lots of fun playing with it. As she is the smallest she goes at the front and we go at the back. It is quite tricky to use it at the beginning...hence many laughs!!!But we got the hang of it."

And I can just picture the scene when I read this review...

"We had a University 15 year reunion, you've never seen so many middle aged fools bounce like crazy at the 1970's theme party, good quad work out too, and no head injuries which was a bonus."

Fun and a good quadricep (thighs, if you weren't sure) workout too?! That's it, I'm BUYING one, especially as it's currently on sale with Amazon for £12.99, instead of £20.99, and before they bounce the price back up!

Thanks to cath1510 at HUKD


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  • Emma K.
    Wow, looks like some sort of deformed space hopper! Siamese space hopper!
    • Gate G.
      Ha ha!